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  1. Shakazulus24

    Im looking to put some saddlebags on my 650 classic. I like the idea of the easy brackets. Does anyone here use them? I am wondering if the bags are stiff enough to not need the old school metal braces. Looks like something I would invest in, but drilling into new bags is not a comforting thought. Any input?

  2. VstarKen

    Im looking to put some saddlebags on my 650 classic....

    Are the bag backs plastic?
    I used them on a set of handed down bags. The bags are leather with a plastic reinforced back but were deformed from being squashed in a closet. I straightened them out as best I could and used a couple pieces of aluminum I had to hold them away from the bike and flat. New I think it woulda been fine. I just drilled a hole in two pieces of alluminum flat stock 3/16x1.5" x 6" aproximately and placed them between the brackets & the bags when I bolted the brackets on. Then I riveted the plastic backs to the metal to hold the bags flat. They are very easy to get on & off & very secure once on. I'll use them when I get new bags eventually and would re-enforce them the same way if the bags felt floppy. Just make sure the bags are where you want them before you drill.

  3. zgreiker

    i have easy brackets on my 1300 with saddleman jumbo bags - the bags actually have a nice piece of plastic to mount the brackets to. I did have to drill them but everything worked out well. On another note, I've noticed that I never take the bags off and almost wish i had gone with fixed bag mounts and possibly larger bags - just something else to think of.

  4. retzdaret

    I have easy brackets too. They do work best with bags with a plastic backing on them. The result is worth it to me big time. They mount so much nicer with easy brackets, plus easy removal with a key.

  5. Shakazulus24

    I am probably going to go with one of the backs from Viking and get the easy bracket for the install. I'd like to be able to remove the bags if they are not being used, or if I have my bike covered (I have to keep it outside) they don't just sit there and get moisture trapped under the cover all week.

  6. tunc

    is there a difference with these or are they the same

    easy brackets

    ghost brackets

  7. krumbjolttute

    I’m not 100% sure but I believe easy brackets became ghost brackets. Someone will probably call me on this one though. I have the Ghost Brackets and use the Edge bags on my Roadliner…Sweet!
    Shakazulus24, take a look at the Edge bags, real quality and if you buy the bags and brackets at the same time you usually get a 10% discount. Hope this helps.

  8. shanebond34

    I just got viking bags and mounted them with ghost brackets. One thing to say about Viking though. The rivit holding the lid to the body of the bag broke the first day. There is no manufacturer warranty so Viking will ignore your problem - I've tried 3x. I was happy with the bag but disappointed with service. Would probably not go to Viking again. I agree with previous post and would go with edge bags for slightly more $ and think they advise Ghost brackets (which I believe are now becoming Edge Brackets).


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