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Driving lights

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  1. gz2548

    Sorry to beat a dead horse here.....but i've done a lengthy search and still am not convinced about the hook-up of my halogen driving lights. Some say it's not a problem wiring direct to the headlight, and others have a concern with overloading the circuit. The lights i have purchased are 50 watt. i want to hook into the headlight (blue wire). Should i go directly to the battery with a switch? Whats your experience?

  2. Jonezpoj

    I wired mine to the highbeam circut, that way if I have to dim my headlight at night for oncoming traffic, the passing lamps will go out also. Have had no overload problems yet.

  3. orpie

    I installed Cobra passing lights on my 2004 Silverado. I wired directly into the low beam. When I switch to high beam, they go off. New Jersey wants them off when the High Beam is on. They are on about a year and I have had no problem. These lights are 55 watts.(each)

  4. gz2548

    i'm going to give it a try. Probably go with blue wire to headlight so they stay on all the time. might put a switch in also. Ya'll have been a great help.
    ride safe.....

  5. wzdartan

    The lights will work fine hooked into the headlight. I have mine set up to be on with the low beams. That way , they will be on during average daytime driving, and will not be putting additional load on the high beam wiring. I was a bit concerned that if I hooked them to the high beam wire, that tiny wire might become a bit overloaded. Do yourself a favor and solder / heat shrink the connection. I hate Scotch locs, they always give you problems. Good luck!

  6. kzdar37

    You might want to check your local regulations. Here in Maryland the driving lights cannot be on with the high beams.I had to rewire mine to only be on with the low beams in order to pass inspection.


  7. Bamazcood

    Hi, Glen,

    I hooked mine up through a 40 amp relay, with the high beam power operating the coil of the relay,,and the power for the running lights coming directly off the main power, through a fuse. That way, there's no excess drain on the headlight circuit (the relay draws very little current)..and the running lights can be extinguished simply by putting the headlight on low beam. The headlight circuit is not big enough to carry all those lights safely, I wouldn't think. Hope you have good luck with them.



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