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Driving Lights

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  1. migemazdon

    Just added these driving lights, provide great visibility for me and to others.

  2. Trollpj


  3. hantzomeman

    wooo hoo?

    yeah, woo hoo.

    nice me.

  4. VTvinChic

    I'm in the process of installing these as well, but am running into a snag.
    Did you have any difficulty with the relocating adapters being too large for the stock turn signals? I have tried to pry them apart quite a bit, but they still won't fit. I'm surprised that the rubber gasket has to be removed.
    The part numbers are in agreement with the model, so I wasn't given the wrong parts. These are genuine Star lights, btw.

  5. migemazdon

    These driving lights are mounted on the turn single bolt. I picked up these bullet stlly lights from WalMart for 15.97 for the bothe of them and replaced the 50 watt bulbs with 35 watt. (Great Value)

  6. migemazdon

    more pictures


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