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  1. raceroni5

    Have 700 miles on my classic now. While cleaning the bike I noticed some grease streaks on the rear rim and also the wheel hub on the drive side. Bought the bike new and noticed the streaks when I first brought the bike home (on a trailer). Cleaned it up and it's back. Is this normal?

  2. 4mrAkankmpr

    As long as it isn't excessive. Take it by your dealer and see what he/she says-as new as your bike is, it should be covered under warranty- if the dealer you take it to says it isn't covered under warranty, try another dealer.

  3. Tucci641

    Its normal and should stop happened on both my 650 & 1100 for the 1st few hundred miles. it did it again after I lubed the splines when I replaced my rear tire and stoped after awhile.


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