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  1. tpootrov

    Does anyone have a drivers backrest installed on your bike. I am trying to get a couple of pix's so I could make one. I have seen a couple on line, but they don't show the mounting bracket. I have bent (1) piece of 2" flat bar but am not satisfied, Let me know.
    Thanks, Dan

  2. orpie

    I bought one from Firehouse customs. I wouldn;t be without it. Check out their web site. It bolts onto the same place as you seat.

  3. IAFF1419

    Go to ebay and search the seller "axe63". He sells driver's backrests I haven't purchased a seat from him yet, but I have seen pictures and talked with a few people on here that have bought from him. They are all satisfied. I think I'm going to buy one for myself for Christmas...

  4. Bamazcood

    Does anyone have a drivers backrest installed on your bike....
    bought one from Firehouse Customs, and is great for medium to long trips. Highly recommend it.

    Quality don't come cheap!

  5. pnazdj2

    I bought my bike used and it came with one. Corbin seat. LOVE IT!!

  6. xdrememetic

    I bought the studded drivers back rest from "axe63" off of ebay, easy install ,
    like it a lot.

  7. tillikaff

    No Pork has a pretty simple bracket for a drivers back rest, for $68.20. They have it for the 650 & 1100 classic. I put one on my 650, works really well. I don't use mine anymore though. I changed out my seat to a Mustang Seat, & it won't work with it.

    Here it a link to the one for the 1100

    Good luck

  8. tillikaff

    I went and got some pics of the bracket, so you can get an idea what it is like. In case you want to try and build your own. It uses a Yamaha stock backrest pad. It mounts to the backet that holds the front of the pillion seat on. Also included a pic of it mounted on bike.

    Good Luck

  9. RonHermann

    Bought one from ebay. It is made of stainless steel, highly buffed (like chrome), uses the stock back rest and comes with the same backrest screws as used on the rear sissy bar pad from Yamaha.
    Chatted with him about the mounting to the rear fender. The brackets that most people sell are bent flat without having the radius to form with the fender. If you tighten the bracket up, the screws are slightly angled and you have to tighten them evenly to keep the bracket straight, or place washers between the backrest bracket and the seat mount. Asked him to bend the radius into the seat back bracket to fit the fender radius and it worked fine.
    The only thing is that this seat backrest bracket is not removable and mounting and dismounting the bike takes some practice.
    Anyway, I love the backrest and keep that radius in mind.

    Chapter 218
    North Jersey

  10. tmzcaine

    Here's a picture of one I just put on my '06 Classic. Got it on Ebay. Made by Bestem.


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