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  1. hb7914

  2. kdbrich72

    Has anyone purchased a driver's backrest from Mutazu? Thought this...

    I actually inquired with them a month or two ago but they told me they didn't have one for the 950. I'm guessing this is brand new. I ended up buying one from Grasshopper for about $115. For the money I'd try the Mutazu one.

  3. MotlrMige

    I also have the Grasshopper one. My observations:

    1. it tilted me a little too far forward, so I had to modify the backrest arm;

    2. it's flat, so you don't get much side support. I'll probably re-contour it over the winter.

    Other than that, worth the money. I use it mainly for cruising, not around town.

  4. esiriter

    I purchased one on ebay was not adjustable. and made a mess of my fender when I took it off scratches it all up.. get the ones that go in the back of a ultimate seats or mustang.. they just stick straight down.. the one I got had to bolt it to under side of passenger seat ..and was cheap.. I think I remember 80 bucks.. the one from Ultimates seats is 200.00 and worth it

  5. SkdMige

    I also have the Grasshopper one. My observations:1. it tilted...

    I got one from Grasshopper also. I had to put the backrest "L" bracket in my vise abd bend it so that the backrest wouldn' t be so straight up. Now it leans back enough to make my rides really comfortable. Easy to install and a great buy.


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