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Driver Backrest

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  1. Squrlej

    Anyone ever try this type of backrest? If you have was comfortable and did you have any problems mounting it?

  2. ebrowensano

    I too am interested to hear everyone’s responses.


    I have not tryed that backrest, but I did get one on ebay for 50 buck to try out. It bolts under the pillion seat bracket, which makes it semi-perminent. I tell you it made a huge difference on how I feel riding, on longer trips I felt more relaxed and my back did not hurt. I took it off while working on the bike and went for a ride and turned around to get it, now I wont ride without it. My buddy got one from protec (i think) that takes 2 seconds to put on and off, but I dont like even going to the store with out mine. I would not hesitate puttin one on your bike. You do want to make sure that it supports you in the lower back. Mine has a pad the same size as the pass back rest pad.


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