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drilling pipes for more rumble

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  1. yzcoodermac

    New to the forum and just purchased my 1100 classic. Can anyone give me any cheap ideas on how to add extra rumble to my exhaust. Ive read about drilling holes through the baffles, or using a 1 1/2 in hole saw to completely remove the baffles then adding aluminum tubing to quiten it down if needed. Any suggestions????? thanks

  2. onenemjou

    i did the hole saw mod, and since i like the look of the stock pipes, and traffic can now hear me...

    i like it.

  3. zvambrad

    Did the hole saw mod. I bought a spare set of stock pipes off ebay to do the mod on incase I screwed it up. You can pick them up pretty cheap.

  4. gooner57

    i took mine off and went to the local fab shop we put them on a table band saw and slashed them down , i then pulled out the baffles and hand cut them all the way to the first honeycomb section , I then re rapped them with the fiberglass packing and placed them back in , and used a small scew in the bottom to hold them, they sound and look great, this is on a 2008 1100

  5. eponjzdar

    mod too and I really like the sound now. It had aftermarket pipes on the bike when I bought it and they were just toooo loud. The hole saw mod costs about $25 if you have to buy the saw blade and takes about 20 minutes to do. Really sounds right now. I bought two complete sets of pipes off ebay for less than $100 total and they were new takeoffs. I ran the factory setup for a while and it was a little light on the sound. With the modified set the sound is low and deep. Buy an extra set of mufflers and do the mod on them. Takes about 5 minutes to swap the mufflers out.

  6. didanzfan9818

    I have a set of mufflers that has the hole mod and it sounds a lot better than the stock set up. I have recently installed hard krome aftermarket pipes and I have the mufflers that already have the mod done. The end of the mufflers were drilled and the baffles knocked out. I also have a set of headers and mufflers if anyone is interested in any of them. I don't know if this is the right section to list these, but if anyone is interested let me know.

  7. beaze

    anyone have pics of the pipes and the baffles out?

  8. eponjzdar

    inches long. After you drill the end of the muffler with the holesaw at first you might think they are still attached but if you wiggle them they will come loose and you just pull them out. I put in the sink drain pipes and one rivet to hold them. Really sounds good.


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