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Drilling holes in fenders.........

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  1. JuzdSdewe

    Well, got another wild hair up my butt and finally decided to get some fender chrome.
    Got the rear portion for the front fender, and the rear fender trim piece.
    Kinda scarey center punching, then drilling those fenders out.
    Gotta keep the pieces on now...............there's holes in them thar fenders now...............................

  2. Cannoncocger

    I have thought about adding the same chrome on my new 650 Silverado ..

  3. MorkKW

    Howdy, neighbor.

    Good grief! Your bike continues to look better and better, when it already WAS looking better and better. I've considered that same fender trim, but just can't make myself drill those doggone holes, even though it's really not that big of a deal. My original thought on the rear of the front fender was to add that cool looking chrome trim, but beneath it put a mud/dirt/dust/pebbles/road kill/etc. flap to keep the radiator from unnecessarily collecting any of that stuff. Obviously, nothing has been done thus far.

    I trust you and the Mrs enjoyed a great Mother's Day weekend. Be well.


  4. tendhepiger

    You are right.It is a bit nerve wracking to drill into that nice paint.Rather than a punch I drilled a small pilot hole first.I have the two front pieces and the rear installed.Also,adding a chrome radiator cover from Cruiser Customizing has reduced the crap that used to accumulate from the front wheel.

  5. ModoHero

    Good Day all,

    Even the small pilot hole drill bit can slide with a bit of a poor angle leaving a nasty scratch. Use the spring punch cause it makes a little dent to keep the pilot drill bit in line. Push chrome on as far as it will seat, Punch, pilot bit, large bit, bolt one side almost snug, push chrome up again, repeat, done 10 minutes each.



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