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  1. Troober

    I went on a ride with a group yesterday. It was a great day, 90 degrees, bright sunshine, wind blowing, Riding with a group just taking our time cruisin along heading to Lunch at a really nice Mom and Pop Diner (Puckett's) along the Natchez Trace Parkway. There was 14 bikes on the ride, All cruisers from our local STAR Chapter.

    On the way to Lunch we hit a stretch of 4 lane highway there was a little red car in the right lane with two women in it, the passenger was using her phone to video us riding, when half of us got caught at a red light and so did the car. The front half of the group moved to the right lane and slowed to wait on us to catch up, the light turned green and we waited to let her go, she wouldn't go, she just sat there with her dang phone. So we started moving and attempted to get past her so we could move to the right lane and rejoin our group.

    THE car accelerated and rode along side the bikes blocking their path and still running their phone video. Now we have cars behind us, we are running out of road, I have called forward on the CB and told them to get moving cause she was creating a real Problem with all the other traffic and I didn't want them caught up in it too.

    My Bike is BIG (Midnight Venture) and it's loud (Hooker tunable headers) I down shifted, hit the gas, cut across to the emergency lane and BLEW by them on the right side. Once passed them I got in front and began braking till I got them slowed enough to allow the bikes to get safely over and rejoin the group.

    I hate doing things like that, because it looks bad on Bikers, I know that others didn't see the entire chain of events, and had no idea what kind of dangers she was putting us in. All they saw was a biker cutting off a vehicle and slowing it down. My protective instinct cut in and I knew something had to be done or someone was going to get hurt, and it's usually the bikers that lose. I know when I came around them it scared the crap out of them, they were both looking at the bikes on their left till the big loud bike sucked the paint off the side of their car and they jumped like they had been shot.

    I just hope THEY know what they did and THEY learned a lesson, maybe helping future Bikers down the road.

    Hope I dont end up on you-tube.....

  2. Hacgzav

    Good for you. I don't see anything wrong with what you did.

  3. yajare

    You do what you feel that you must to make things safer................ and that's what you did.
    I would probably have done the same.

  4. Goadlocger69

    Way to take charge and carry out the plan of the day. I'm sure that the little red car had no clue what they did and probably thought you were a jerk but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

  5. Marg

    I guess that they thought they were getting some good video and not thinking about anything else. You did what had to be done,sounds like from what you describe it could have gotten much worse. I mean how long did she think she could tape you and for what reason? I like a group of bikes as much as the next person,but when in a group,I try to let you stay that way.what if you had new riders in with you? I say great job,and hope that the whole episode gets airtime so people can see what they should not do to others.

  6. yhoower

    Sounds to me like this was an appropriately placed wake-up call. Good job! Glad no one was injure by their actions.

  7. kamezbanger

    Doesnot soundlike you did anything wrong to me....I would have done it and not thought twice about it. Sometimes people force you to drive a certain way....that is just the way it is.

    If she would have done that to the wrong group they would haveprobably blocked her in, stopped and beat her doors in....

  8. atamr17

    You did what had to be done for the safety of everyone else.....Just a trait of a good leader.

  9. DennisM

    Good quick thinking! that's what I call what you did, Someone had to do something, just glad it worked out OK, and I hope your pipes scared them good.

    On my last SCRC chapter ride to The Kangamangus near Mt Washington, up in Conway NH, we had a car cut our group off, just in front of me, we were staggered at 2 and 1 second intervals, but had just turned a corner onto another road, this idiot cut right in from a driveway and forced me to brake hard.

    I hate it when the cagers do that, but to my amazement he continued to slow down! In order to maintain the cohesion of the group, I was forced to pass him legally, so the rest of our pack could catch up.

    You should have seen the stupid look on his face when I kicked my 1700 hard in the arse with the Cobra pipes I have that are barely legal, LOL

    That Dummy obviously did not see us, even though we were in a pack. he just cut us off.

    The stupid part is I don't know why he was still slowing down and on the brakes, there was no where to turn, and nothing around us but the shoulders of the 2 lane road.

  10. zliter

    Fret not, you did what was needed to help insure everyones safety. Hopefully the red car occupants learned something from it all.
    Ride safe!

  11. matt403

    Lol, from the title, I pictured drastic action being anywhere from disabling a car, a physical confrontation, to weapons drawn at five paces. UnfortuNadely inconsiderate, unknowledgable cager actions are a way of life around here. You did the right thing in the circumstances and prevented a potential incident. Good forward thinking.

  12. zhatovofzelf

    Just happy to hear they didn't hit you.


  13. vito54

    This is why I don't / won't do any more group rides. Did two, and I was more afraid of the stuff some of the bikers were doing than I have ever been of any car / truck on the road.

    Sorry, but I have to drizzle on your parade a bit....but note that I realize I was not there and your story could be losing something in translation. I agree that at times you have to do things to stay safe or to get into a safer situation.

    Compare contrast the worst that would happen if 1 - Your partial group rode by the rest of the group vs. 2 - you blew by on the right, began to brake and the dipshit in the car hit you because she was too busy watching the bikes on the left? Based on how you describe it, I just think you jumped on the wrong side of the risk/reward equation on this one. (and yes...if I was there maybe I would see it totally differently.)

  14. Shebhertezz

    I have a newbie question. Was the group riding in pods? I was taught in my safety course that large groups should be broken up into pods of about 5 - for the very reason you're relating to us (and so cars can pass groups safely). I'm wondering if the group had been in smaller pods if the car would not have created the problem she did. Or would the pods have "bunched" up anyways b/c of the way she was driving? I wasn't there to appreciate the situation and the road layout, but am wondering...

  15. Troober

    I have a newbie question. Was the group riding in...

    We had a total of 13 bikes, the light broke us into two groups, the size wasn't the problem, her video taping us while running along side of us and not letting us over when we were trying to merge and running out of lane (The left lane was about to end) that was the problem.

  16. Troober

    This is why I don't / won't do any more...

    The bikes were doing nothing wrong...

    Compare contrast the worst that would happen if 1 -...

    You are correct, that could have been a distinct possibility. I did stay in a low gear ready to accelerate out of trouble if needed, but that is no guarantee, and it could have happened, but even that is more preferable than getting hit head on by the oncoming traffic when the lane we were in ended about another 100 yards up.

    I made a decision, I was fully aware that you are correct and it had inherant dangers that came with it, there is no denying that. But I was also aware that doing nothing left us in a certain position of danger, and I believe that you either take action to change an outcome or you just sit there and watch the outcome. If you sit and watch, then you get what ever you get, and you cant complain about the outcome... That's my view, and not everyone has to agree. All People have a fight or flight syndrome, Mine is to fight.

  17. vito54

    The bikes were doing nothing wrong...You are correct, that could...

    Ahhhh.....I missed the "lane ending 100 yards up" part; you did allude to that in your first post. I stand corrected and have to say I would have done more than just watched the outcome as well.
    Carry on....

  18. zhovman

    Troober. Glad it all worked out for you and that no one got injured. Were you/Are You a LEO? If so, why didn't you flash the Tin and let them know how much danger they were putting you and the group in?

  19. cowenandranch

    I'm glad I read this through to the last post. I agree with zhovman. I thought I remembered you being a LEO (your nick is a good tip). If I was in your position I think I would have flashed the tin, pulled them over and given them "the lecture"
    sternly, but politely. They were obviously putting many lives at risk, including possibly their own. They got off easy as it is, if they had done that to the wrong group, they would have been in deep kimchee.

  20. zdarkuj20


    Sounds like you did the right thing. Glad nobody was hurt and hopefully the driver and passenger in the car learned a valuable lesson.

    BTW......I didn't realize you were so close to me. I love riding the trace. In fact, I am leaving in a few minutes to meet up with a friend from work who has never been on the trace. He just moved here and wants to see it. You and I should try to meet up and ride sometime!

    Ride safe.


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