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Dragin' against the father in law

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  1. kamezbanger

    My father in law bought a Roadstar yesterday...we went for a ride and we couldn't resist it. I was on my 1100 and he was on his 1700.

    We did some dragin'. We started from about 4-5 miles an hour...not a stop, but close. It was really fun. If we would have went a whole qtr mile he may have had me but we ran neck and neck until I backed off.

    I could not believe that the 1100 ran right with him. I hit 80 mph in 4th gear and backed off. Never made i to 5th (I get nervous over 85...sissy i know) Now I am sure that the road* can stomp the 1100 when it comes to cruizin at 80 and higher(which I don't...I cruise about 75)...but he did not have anything on me from zero to 80.

    I am not sure how much the actual "driver" had to do with it either...just thought it was interesting.

    PS We were in a rual area that you can see for a mile in every direction and there was no one around Oh yeah...I hit my rev limiter for the first time too...thanks yamaha.

  2. onenemjou

    my dad and his 3 brothers all have royal star ventures (2000, 2004, and 2005 models) and i have had the same experience in the same type setting.


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