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  1. Zoom181

    LOL, I am now offically living on the darkside! My hubby and I are now a darkside couple.

    magoo304 has been running a Dunlop CT on his 1300 and I now have the General Altimax 205 60 16 on my 950. He's a little jealous, he now wants that Dunlop to hurry up and wear out so he can get the Altimax but it's taking forever..... LOL.

    I am gonna go out today and ride my bike over 200 miles and get the new wore off. I am anxious to get more familiar with the feel and to start enjoying the cookies and kool-aid we have on this side.

  2. zamvoot

    Sounds like you should have fun today. Can't wait to see your post of how it's working. I plan to do the same when I need a new tire.

  3. Tucci641

    Zoom181 nice header, it cracked me up. I've put 300mi on my Altimax since putting it on last Thurs. There was no real adjustment to speak of. It just feels softer when you make a turn where the sidewall compresses slightly. I'm keeping mine at 34psi cold, since I like it more on the solid side. Rode all weekend with it 37 (that's where it gets up to from 34 cold). The way it grips if you hard brake is where I can feel it the most, the 7plus inch contact patch really digs in. Mileage, no change at all.....have a great ride, your gonna love the Dark!

  4. jayman15

    Just wondering who mounted the tire? The dealer will not install it here, due to liability reasons and I am assuming it needed to be balanced?

    PLease let know the problems you encountered......I so want to try the dark side.


  5. yhoower

    Zoom181 your killing me. Hope you enjoyed your ride today.

  6. HenrjD

    Living on the edge! I am sure that you will enjoy it! I have a friend in the area with a 950 and he has over 20K miles on his Darkside tire. He has yet to crash and burn. I am positive my wife will be going over to the other side once her OEM is worn out.

  7. recumpendpop

    Just wondering who mounted the tire? The dealer will not...

    Try to find an independent MC repair shop they seem to be more open minded.

    They do need to be balanced but a lot of people are using Dynabeads in the tire. This eliminates having to have it balanced and have weights on the wheel.

    I use the dynabeads and they really work great.

  8. quicgmicg

    Hey guys.... lets avoid bashing on anyone here. That is not what any of us is here for.

    We all know this is a very heated topic....and all we ask is that everyone just respect the opinion of the other YMF members....just like you want your own opinion respected.

    Thanks.......lets play nice.

  9. recumpendpop

    I asked my insurance company B4 I put the first Ct on my bike.

    They told me "use any tire you want as long as it is DOT approved".

    Car tires are DOT approved so I'm covered.

  10. Zoom181

    Everyone should always research and make sure this is something they understand before making that decision. My husband spent hours on top of hours researching CT's on a motorcycle. He has never been one to just jump and do something without researching and he would NEVER put one on my bike if he didn't deem it safe because I know he loves me. I haven't done as much research but I have read up on it and after riding his 1300 with the CT and liking how it handles I have waited for my Metzler to wear so I could do this.

    "Just because someone points that out does not make them small minded".

    I agree and I think pointing something out is fair by all means, but after you point something out if people don't heed your heartfelt concerns then let it go. Why get upset and leave a forum? That part I don't understand, I truly don't. I was shocked when I saw who it was, I thought he was a big part of this forum and it saddened me that he allowed something like this to push him to such a decision but it was his choice to leave and we have to respect that.

  11. RitkeRunner

    It's also not legal to modify the exhaust or intake but that doesn't stop anyone.

    I'm far more concerned about apehangers & fork extensions since my own experience from years ago has shown both to be dangerous. I've had friends injured due to both.

    I'm not going to quit the forum because others are doing what I consider ill advised, I'm not even going to tell them how dumb I think it is. It's there decision, just like drinking or smoking.

    You can't give advice one way or the other if you're not here to participate in the discussion.

  12. yhoower

    Oy Vey!

    Just a couple of thoughts/questions:

    Has anyone heard of an accident whose root cause was identified as being a CT on the MC? I haven't and I've done plenty of research on this issue.

    Has anyone read in a MC owner's manual that CT's should not be installed on a MC? I have not and I've read mine cover to cover on more than one occasion. I have read that a 950 is not designed to pull a trailer but people are still doing it.

    Has anyone read in a MC warranty document that installing a CT on a MC voids the warranty? I've read mine including all the fine print.

    As in any discussion, I think it's important to try to base opinions on facts not emotions and I think that when opinions are not fact based then discussion topics become as heated as this one has.

    As I said before, I'll probably never choose to put a CT on my 950 but I must say that the fact based opinions I've read on this forum have presented more pros than cons.

    Can't we just all agree to disagree and move on to something else? Maybe oil?

    Damn it's been a long winter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. retzdarraiter

    using an automobile tire may work for you and your tiny little bikes, but i sure wouldnt put one on a real motorcycle (RAIDER)

  14. HenrjD

    using an automobile tire may work for you and your...

    Smells like a pot stirrer just walked in

    The BikRet VTX is Darksided, and so far every raider rider I know likes my tire........of course they get to see it as they are trying to catch up

  15. tunc

    have deleted the posts that are not needed for the thread
    why because i can
    Brake line??
    so discuss your tyres as a civil matter ok

    Often questions are brought up about threads being deleted or members being banned by the Moderators or Administration. We hope this thread will help those with questions to understand the process.

    Deletion of threads/posts:

    As a general rule we dont delete threads w/o cause. If a posted thread starts turning controversial with negative overtones, contains images/topics/language deemed unsuitable for a family forum or becomes an argument with name calling, racial, sexual/sexual orientation issues or religious attacks we (Mods or Admin) will delete it, regardless of who the author is or the topic.

    There are times where just an offending post will be deleted, but typically the more people who use that offending post in a quote the harder it is to just delete those single posts …. hence, the entire thread will get deleted at that point.

    It should be noted that when a thread is deleted it doesn't just vanish forever. Those threads are still available for forum staff to view in their unvarnished original form.

    Notification of thread/post deletion:

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    When a thread or post is deleted it doesn't just vaporize. The thread and posts are still available for forum staff to view, in its original context, so the unvarnished version is maintained.

  16. VstarKid15

    tunc while your at it just delete my account all together please, cause nothing I said was nasty or attacking anyone... I see you have left the other side of the coin posts in tact.

  17. tunc

    you got your request for account deleted

  18. Zoom181

    jayman, my son actually mounted the tire for me, he is an auto mechanic (I'm blessed LOL) and he got an independant owned business to balance it for me.

    Well gang, I didn't get to put the 200 miles I originally planned yesterday because things took a different turn for the day but I did get 70 miles on it and I can already tell that it is gonna be great FOR ME. (Disclaimer: The Darkside isn't for everyone!! Please don't go out and become a darkie just because I did!)

    I did happen to have to brake a little abruptly and wow the difference, I know this is going to benefit me. I actually can't wait to try it out in the rain because I know it is gonna be great.

    I don't know if it is just a mind game or if it is real but it seems the bike is easy to push or roll with the CT.... I am talking about backing (rolling) it out of the garage etc. It seems to move easier.

    This weekend is supposed to be in the 70's, perfect weather and I am already dreaming of where magoo304 and I can get off to, I want a nice long ride, I want some twisties and I want some fun.

  19. recumpendpop

    My first ride with a CT in the rain was interesting.

    On my way to work some days a women in a mini van will be behind me and she likes to get closer to me than I like, not tail gating but a little to close to suite me.

    The first ride in the rain she would come up to where she normally is and then back way off. She did this twice then stayed way back.

    I found out later it was because the CT was throwing a pretty good rooster tail of water behind me......

  20. Zoom181

    I found out later it was because the CT was...

    I love it!!! Now, if only you could figure out something on the days it doesn't rain!


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