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Does Fatter Back Tire = Worse Turning Control?

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  1. hadada

    The fatter your back Tire does it affect turning performance? And how? Cant lean as far?

  2. Jonezpoj

    I believe the custom choppers are the worse handling, due to the wide rear tire an long fork rake. If your talking about the widest rear tire you can fit on your stock rim and clear the frame you'll have no problems.

  3. tunc

    i just run the standard width does me

    i get worried with some of these wide tyres they seem to me that there is to much flat across em and have to much of an edge if ya were cornering
    mmmm but just my opinion

  4. Tacgtriwer

    I test rode a GTX chopper by Big Bear Choppers. It had a wide rear tire. You had to work a little to lean it over but once you did it grabbed the road like a wild animal with claws digging in dirt.

    Handleing on choppers or anything else really depends so much on engineering inputs, if the bike is well thought out, it will handle within reason, if it is cabbaged together, it wont.

    I was impressed with all the people who work on the Big Bear Choppers and the modern machining techniques they use.

  5. NurzePatavan

    My former boss ran a car tire on the back of his Valkyrie and didn't seem to have any problems with curves. It would seem to me that the real issue with tire size would be having enough clearance. My Maxim doesn't leave much space between the drive shaft and the tire, so I'm stuck with the stock size.


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