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Do parts from the V star range fit the Roadstar?

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  1. Pure573

    Do a lot of the parts from the Vstar 1100 classic fit the Roadstar?

    Here in the UK Yamaha sells a depleted range of Stars. The Vstar 1100 (dragstar here) is officially sold by them, but to get a Roadstar you have to look at import places. Because of this its easier to find parts for the Vstar.

    I'd like to get the spotlamp set up on my bike, and I see more spotlamp bars on ebay for the 1100 classic. Will they fit the roadstar? They look almost the same!

  2. Ravhite

    No they will not fit the Roadie, the best thing to do is to get a contact in the states that you can work an agreement (a few $ to make it worth their while) and have them do the purchase and ship. There were a number of Canadian members doing this on other forums when the dollar ratio's were so drastic.


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