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DIY - valve adjustments

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  1. TheTinMan

    Tin Man,I agree with a few others here regarding carb sync. After the bike is warm, put your fingers behind the exhaust to feel exhaust flow. There should be very little difference between the #1 and #2. If anything, #1 (front cylinder) could have a little more blowback than #2.Also, remove the left side cover plate and check the AIS hose for tightness. Any additional air introduced to the system will cause the motor to run rough.While I understand your dad's insistence that the dealership should be trusted, I'll remind you of those sage words spoken with true sincerity ..."I'm from the government, and I'm here to help."Better yet... Reagan "Trust, but verify."Perhaps the process to drain the oil, remove the air intake cover, remove the left side chrome protection plate, remove both seats, detach the fuel lines, pull the tank, remove the air box, 5mm hex head to remove the 4 valve covers, coins to remove the side view ports to observe the TDC indicators is too much to do... but time well spent in the care and maintenance of your good equipment will be rewarded through years of adrenaline inducing rides.

    Which hose are you talking about?

  2. TheTinMan

    Ohhh forgot to mention I checked the pressure on the two exhaust pipes and the front cylinder seems to be a little less then the rear cylinder. I have an HVAC air flow gauge that measures velocity and I will check that on Monday when I get back to work. Dad also said that in the morning when he starts the bike he notices exhaust coming out of one of pipes but not the other until the bike get warm.

  3. ruzdjtok8

    I have talked to a mechanic at a yamaha dealership and he told me that the valves rarely need adjustment but the carb sync should be done every 4,000 miles.My 08 1100 silverado was running a little rough so I downloaded a service manual and was able to do the valve adjustment and carb sync myself.The intake valves were out of spec. and the carbs were out of sync.After the adjustments the bike runs smooth.I know how to turn a wrench but I'm no mechanic.

  4. TheTinMan

    Thanks for the input but as new owners we shouldn't be having to subject ourselves to wrenching on our new bikes. That's what the dealer is for. We pay all this money for a product and not get any service with it. This sucks.



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