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Dim Headlight and electrical issues

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  1. zdz48465

    Maybe a little history on the bike first. 1981 Yamaha XJ650. I got it for really cheap (less than $100) and I've been slowly getting it ready for riding. I finally got all 4 cylinders firing, and now I'm tackling electrical issues. For one, the turn signals don't work, but I haven't seen the flasher relay anywhere. I had a Kawasaki and the flashers were small cylinders, but I haven't found them on this bike yet. Also, possibly related, the headlight is rather dim when the bike is running, and shuts off when the engine is stopped. I believe that the headlight is supposed to stay lit after the engine stops. I am pretty sure the dim headlight is related to the not staying on. Any pointers?

  2. flazh680

    So how long have you been working on it?

    mine took 3 years. Electrical issues can be an easy fix or a hard one.

    Have you replaced the fuse block and the connectors yet? most electrical issues start there. The flasher unit is located in the frame. to be clear just under the gooseneck/ steerhhead there is a hole in the frame. ( my coils are also in the frame too that was fun). its a rectangle piece about 2 inches by 1 1/2 inches and usually has 3 prongs plugs. Also inside the headlight is a nest of wires in it the signal wires are also in there.

    Check out this website it a parts catalog with pictures of the locations of each component on the bike. along with restoring my bike i assisted a friend who also has an xs650 1981.

    check it out if you have any question please feel free to ask. we all like to help others.

    Also If you have a service manual You should open up the generator housing where the stator and brushes are you may find corrosion on the stator. use a small wire brush ( I found some that were small like a toothbrush) and clean it up a bit. if you are not sure about doing that get some electrial cleaner and spray it good.

  3. zdz48465

    I'm going to check the windings i guess, then i'll check the rotors and stator for corrosion. About the flasher relay, I think I found it, and it was rather rusty and a little bit of rusty water came out of it when I unplugged it so my guess would be its bad. But it doesn't look like any flasher I've seen before. Its kind of T-Shaped, but from what I can tell, it has a standard flasher pattern. Could I get a standard 3 pin flasher from AutoZone and plug it in and it would work?

  4. tunc

    this might help you as well

  5. zdz48465

    I read the voltage at the battery and it was only 11.8-12 volts with the engine running. Given that it was rather low, I checked the resistance on the alternator coils. The rotor coils seemed a bit high, at 6Ω and the stator coils were high as well at 0.5-0.6Ω. However it was rather cold outside, I don't know if that would've affected the readings. Sound like this could be the culprit? Oh and also, isn't the head light supposed to stay on when the engine is stopped? What part of the bike's electrical is responsible for that?


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