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Different air intake question

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  1. teldatugman

    I have an 08 1100 custom. I think I am going to go with the Monster Pro 2 into 1 pipe and put an air intake kit on as well. I am going for maximum hp gains. I know the 2 into 1 pipes give you the most power out of an exhaust, but I know nothing about air intake. What air kit will give me the most hp gains? PCS makes a hyper charger and coupled with the monster pro exhaust, the have dynoed gains of 22-23 hp over stock. Are there any other air kits yall would recommend? I live in Mississippi so emissions are not an issue. Also, Would I have to re-jet/sync the carbs after each install? Say for instance I was going to save some money and put the pipes on and in a few months, I would do the air intake kit. Would I have to re-jet and sync the carbs after each mod?

  2. khunder102

    It's my understanding that hyperchargers can be tricky to tune properly. I am a huge fan of the Maxair Predator Pro (I have it with a Cobra HP-Pro 2-1 exhaust on my '05 Classic); and it doesn't hurt that it costs a bit less than the hypercharger, and is easier to tune. Independent dyno results indicate HP gains similar to what you indicate above. Take a look at the info in the following link:

    As I have said before elsewhere, there will be those who rave and those who rant about any performance mod you can make on your bike. Some on the forum rave about the hypercharger. Just do your research, and make your choice.

    Good luck!


  3. quicgmicg

    I've got a Hypercharger, but I'll admit, I was buying it more for the "cool factor" than the performance gains. The Max Air kits probably will give you more HP. But if HP is all you want....the ultimate upgrade is to swap for a turbo 'Busa...

  4. bkman

    I did the Cobra 2-into-1 and the Maxair kit. The performance improvement is remarkable. I've read a lot online about PCS pipes having some quality control issues with their coatings, but they also have a good reputation for customer service so you might be alright even if you have a problem. There are probably a lot of good air kits out there for the V-Star, but the Maxair worked perfectly for me, and there was almost NO tuning required. I just set everything where the instructions said, and it fired right up. I had to tweak the idle mixture screws a couple of times (very minor adjustments) and synchronize the carbs and it was done. I can heartily recommend it.

    I am by no means a carb expert, but it is my understanding that you should reset your carbs each time you do any kind of modification that affects airflow into or out of the engine.


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