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Did some work to my Vstar

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  1. talaikh

    Finally got the parts painted and put back on. Started out looking like this when I bought it

    And now it looks like this

    sanded the factory gauge cluster bezel to look like stainless steel, the clearcoated it for durability, turned out great

    Tell me what you think of my colour choice. I plan on changing the front turn signals to match the rear, possible getting a new headlight, new pipes, and doing the external pod mod for the intake. And a few other things as I go long.
    I do have a question though. I removed the engine guard that was on the bike, and now I can't up shift from neutral, any ideas?

  2. yhennlj

    I think everything looks great! The black skull with red eyes is a very nice touch.I have no idea what to tell you about your neutral question. Maybe someone will be along shortly, and have an answer for ya'. The bike looks good though.

  3. quicgmicg

    Great job...I really like the color....!! you're off to a great start....

  4. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    Your paint came out gorgeous! Nice color choice and great execution. Not sure what to tell you about the neutral issue but you might check out your shift linkage, especially if you had to remove the controls to get the crash bars off. Bike looks really good!

  5. IntjRaiterRiter

    Brake pedal looks to be twisted up is it...

  6. aarona

    Nope it is factory my brake is the same way on mine

  7. talaikh

    I need some ones opinion. What would look better on this bike beach bars, or drag bars? Or what do you guys think will look good?

  8. quicgmicg

    I need some ones opinion. What would look better on...
    Aside from looks, how do you ride? If it's short hops, a drag bar will work great. If you do longer rides, you may want beach bars, or Star Bars or similar. They are just a little more comfortable on the long runs.

    Both bars look so much better than those stock ones, so either way, it's going to look good.

    Here are a couple shots of mine when I had drag bars on....

    ...not sure of that helps. I have Star Bars on now....and they are very comfortable.... but they are going to be replaced with some apes shortly....LOL

  9. talaikh

    I do an even mix of in town and long run riding. I thought about getting ape hangers but I just don't know if I'd be happy with them, I know I want a new set of bars, just not sure which ones yet.

  10. CruizerBruizer

    I like the posture the stock bars give me, but what are beach bars and Star Bars? Got a link to pix of them?

    I'm learning lots from the forum, especially Mick, and appreciate the heck out of it, too!

  11. tunc

    the colour looks great and have no idea on the neutral problem ya got if you only removed the cover

  12. fiwezdrinkmatnezz

    I do an even mix of in town and long...
    I ride about the same as you and I have 12'' "mini-apes". They're very comfy on longer rides and put your arms and shoulders in a good posture. Here's a pic:

  13. talaikh

    I like the posture the stock bars give me, but...
    Beach bars are a low wide style bar, the have the same kinda lines as vstar stockers, but like I said they are wider and lower
    this is the best pic I could find of one on a vstar

  14. CruizerBruizer

    Thanks, talaikh. Think I'd like them then.

    You sure have morphed your bike, looks great!

    Where's Sarnia? Do you have to go through a coat closet to get there?

  15. talaikh

    Where's Sarnia? Do you have to go through a coat...
    You'd be surprised how many people ask me that. Sarnia is a border town, we are right across from Port Huron, Michigan, about an hour north of Detroit. Here it is on a map.

    It's a pretty important little city, the majority of oil products, that supply the east coast of Canada and the US, come out of our refineries.

  16. talaikh

    Aside from looks, how do you ride? If it's short...
    Hey, Quick Mick I got a few questions about your bike. With your PCS triple trees, are you running your stock forks? And where or how did you do the single throttle cable?

  17. quicgmicg

    I'm running stock length forks... the bike is lowered about 2" in the back and it sits pretty level with that set up.

    The single throttle cable....just take the return cable off, go to the hardware store and get a little chrome snap in lug to put in the hole on the switch box on the handlebar.. (It's the rear most cable on the carb). It works fine, neither I or any of the other 100 guys I know that have taken it off have ever had an issue.

  18. CruizerBruizer
    # father-in-law is from Ann Arbor. I spent 3 months in Livonia on a project years ago.

    Ride safe...


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