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DG Hard-Krome 2:1 SideBurner Install

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  1. zerolimit99

    I just ordered these pipes and 2 new gaskets, from Shane at SS Custom Cycle, along with the XXX Big Air Kit and COBRA Fi2000R FUEL PROCESSOR.

    I'm putting these on my 2009 V-Star 950 and doing the install myself. Shane indicated that the install is pretty straightforward and the instructions are clearly laid out.

    Just wondered if anyone here has any tips or hints for me?

    I'll post my thoughts on the install after I get it completed.


  2. quicgmicg

    Just s couple overall tips. For me, I prefer using 1/4" drive sockets to avoid over tightening things as well as for ease of access. Also a tube of blue and a tube of red Loctite is a must to have.

    Just take your time and follow the instructions. The pipes are a breeze to do...the other bits shouldn't present too big of hassle either...

  3. zerolimit99

    here's the video showing the before and after...

  4. zerolimit99

    It really wasn't that difficult to do. I did get 11" needle-nose pliers to do the FMS, but didn't need them. It is mighty tight trying to get those things snapped on though.

    The BAK was simple - bolts up nicely and intuitive.

    Exhaust was a breeze too.

    All in all, not too technical of an install. I gotta say, I would have been done quicker had I not tried to follow the directions for the BAK, FMS or the exhaust. None of them were clear!! and caused me more confusion. Once I just thought about how it worked and should match up, it was much easier. Frustrating though that the instructions are useless.


  5. quicgmicg

    That is one of the reasons we like to share our information. The guys writing instructions could really use some help!!...

    Thanks for sharing your experiences


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