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Dead vstar starter question

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  1. Tacgtriwer

    It is a cold desert morning, I went out to the V Star and it backfired once. Then it would not start again. The starter was spinning, but not the engine.

    How expensive is the little slip clutch thing on the starter?
    How bad is it to change?
    How much should a dealer charge to change it?

    Any other ideas?

  2. Tacgtriwer

    When I got home it had warmed up. The bike fired over, and I rode it around the neighborhood in no gear higher than 3rd, so the battery would charge and the bike would warm up. When I got done with that, I stopped it, with the bike still warm, it popped over like showroom new. Dunno what to think now.

  3. wzdartan

    I love it when s#!* fixes itself. I hope it stays fixed for you!

  4. quicgmicg

    When I got home it had warmed up. The bike...
    It's been really cold for us desert rats and that can cause all sorts of strange things to happen. Just make sure your battery is 100% and you could pull out your starter and make sure it's ok. the drive gear can be a bugger to change I've heard. It should warm up for us in the next few days so maybe that'll solve things for you.

  5. LiddleBen

    Maybe the gear was sticking on the shaft due to grimy buildup on the shaft. or the magnetic clutch malfunctioned for a similar reason. cold weather causes grease or moisture to immobilize things we take for granted.If it happens again try tapping on the starter housing with a rubber mallet and see if that loosens things up for you.It could also be a solenoid or relay getting ready to go bad. Just a few thoughts.

  6. 1CuzdominFL

    There is no bendix gear on the v-star starter. The starter clutch inside the left side crankcase cover is where the starter clutch lives, behind the flywheel. It can take a few hours to do, and cost $300-400 to do yourself. Add atleast 3-4 hours labor charge to that if you take it somewhere.

  7. Ghozd608

    On my Vstar 1100 (2004) it takes me about 30 minutes to remove the starter, Every year I pull it and clean it, spray it with WD-40 etc, and put it back in. since the starter is right in front, I notice that after about 2 years it starts dragging, so I have just got in the habit of cleaning it. Its simple to do. If I remember right there is only 2 bolts holding the starter on. PLust the battery cable.



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