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  1. HenrjD

    Dave, being the artist that you are, check this out. A guy on the VTX forums just had a friend do this for him. Etched his windshield with a dremmel tool. I think its cool as heck. Might be another way to put your talents to use!

    I will ride by one day and collect my finders fee lol. My wife actually does want another tat at some point, so I have already suggested we make it a road trip to see you! I liked alot of your work.

  2. yhoower

    The dealer where I bought my bike had a guy there doing pin stripping and window etching on Thursday and Friday. I thought about checking it out but couldn't get away from work. This looks really nice though.

  3. DaweGCF

    That's pretty cool. I've seen a lot of really cool glass etching- done with acid, but I guess a Dremel would be a good way to do it in plexi. Might try that someday- another use for my dremel tool. There's a guy that does an amazing job of etching motorcycle parts over on pinhead lounge. Take a look, this stuff is insane:

  4. DaweGCF

    Oh, and come get tattooed anytime. If you have a custom idea, give me a call a week or so in advance, and I can have something cool drawn up for you when you get here. Shop: 770-982-9930

  5. Cabri103

    Dave, I have not seen you around here for awhile. I was just looking at your Website, You have quite a talent!

    If I ever get up that way I might actually get that tattoo!

  6. quicgmicg

    That's pretty cool. I've seen a lot of really...

    Stunning work.....

  7. HenrjD

    Stunning work........

    I would agree! Very detailed....amazing.

  8. kdbrich72

    Pretty cool idea. Those look nice.

  9. Shebhertezz

    Love it!


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