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darkside? car tire?

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  1. ybzerra

    You may have a tough time finding someone who has actually done it with an 1100. It appears that there is always plenty of discussion about it but I know of no one who's made the change. Maybe there is someone here who has and will give you the proper size.
    Try V-Star There are a couple of threads over there on this topic.

    Problems arise from the dynamics of the the tire design since it is based on a four, not two wheel vehicle. This more rigid design will fight the ergonomics of lean and cause counter balance issues for riders; Squirrely handling.



  2. ambz4067

    Hi, folks, I very happily ride a '97 Honda Valkyrie and in the wet PacNW I prefer to ride on a Goodyear Assurance Triple Tread car tire in the back. (read a great article here) Now, a buddy of mine with a VStar 1100 Classic would like to do the same. Trouble is, I'm having trouble finding anyone online who has done this and could recommend the right tire size for this bike. Can anyone help?
    This is for your friend have him go to discount tire direct and click info center look up tire size calculator and he shuold be able to find a ct that will fit. I looked up the tire size and found a tire that should fit fine it is a 175-65-15 it is 0.87 inches shorter 0.2 inches wider and has only a 4.5 mph speedo diferance



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