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  1. yyaj69

    Does anyone ride with a hand gun? If so what type of holster do you use?

  2. MorkKW

    Hey JJay.

    Rather than a direct answer, while it's only my opinion, I believe this thread would be best suited in the "off topic tavern" section. I believe you'll then find the answer being quite subjective based upon what is being carried and the personal preference of the rider.

    Be well - and stay safe.

  3. ylvrikhd

    There is another long thread on handguns too.

  4. retzdaret

    I moved it to the off topic forum. Let's keep this civil. I cringe whenever this topic comes up again. If it gets out of hand, I will close it.


  5. yhoower

    Thanks Red for monitoring this thread. It is the type that can potentially get way out of hand.

  6. jamahadim

  7. ygink544

    In Texas as well as many other states it is not required to have a Concealed Weapons Permit to carry a loaded handgun on your motorcycle or in your car since they are considered your personal property. Although it is your responsibility to inform an officer that you have a loaded weapon in your vehicle or on your person should you be pulled over.

    With that said, I don't personally carry when riding although I do have a shoulder holster for my SW Model 39-2 as well as my father's former service revolver (heavy frame SW 357 magnum 4" barrel). It goes over both shoulders as well as attaching to your belt. It is very secure and your weapon will not fall out even when falling down a flight of stairs. Please don't ask how I know...

    I do on occasion have to travel to areas of Dallas that I have considered going with protection. Most of the time when I do go to those locations it is late at night for work and I get the heck out of there as soon as I possibly can. I would rather not provoke contact with either the locals or the smokies in that area. Neither are fun to deal with even on a good day.

    If for instance I lived in a remote area with large wildlife (bears and such) I probably would carry often. You never know when you are going to end up stranded and have to protect yourself from nature.


  8. yyaj69

    I moved it to the off topic forum. Let's keep...

    Wow, I never thought this would be a contraversial subject nor did I intend it to be. I just wanted to know what people thought was the most comfortable type holster while riding. sorry guys if I touched a nerve.

  9. krumbjolttute


  10. Mondj

    Always carry mine in my left hand in case I need it real quick to shoot at some cager trying to cut me off.

  11. yhennlj

    I have a gun, but don't have the need to carry. You see, I ride with my wife, if anyone messes with me, she'll talk em' to death...Bwahahahaha.

  12. retzdaret

    Wow, I never thought this would be a contraversial subject...

    It just has come up before. Anytime you get into things like this, you get controversy. I have no doubt it was not intended.

  13. cowenandranch

    Like American Express, I never go anywhere without it. I rotate between a shoulder rig, outside belt holster, or IWB depending on how I'm dressed. the most comfortable on the bike (for me) is the outside belt with a cover shirt/vest. I carry a Kimber pro cdp .45.

  14. tartantyger97

    I lived and worked in your neck of the woods for years, and met more than a few of the local constabulary either on the road or at "Rolling Thunder" in the Pentagon parking lot. Most motorcycle officers - I never met an exception - own personal bikes, and among the lot, probably have more experience with a question of that nature than all the members of this forum: motorcycle officers in adjacent jurisdictions have their own little communications network, and, I'm sure, test and exchange observations on any combination of gun and holster you could conceive. Query a motor officer, but be prepared to leave your name and telephone number; not because they're going to investigate you, but the amount of time they can expend on an individual encounter on duty is quite limited. They're usually quite talkative off-duty, and, if they can't answer a specific question, they'll generally find someone who can.

  15. 4mrAkankmpr

    While I do have a CCW license, I work at a government facility where firearms are forbidden-even our laughable 'security' can't have them on site. I have several holsters as well as handguns, but haven't yet discovered what combination works best while on a bike. Because of the standard control layout on bikes, I'd have to find a setup that would accomidate 'weak hand' use. I saw some custom-made shoulder holsters at a recent gunshow , that show promise tho'. 'Til then, I need to practise my left-hand Margsmanship.

  16. DJinNH594

    I bought one of those 5.11 undershirts with the holster pouches sewn into the sides, under the arms.

    This shirt is sort of like those UnderArmor super tight shirts. It's 82% Polyester, 18% Spandex. The pocket panels are 90% Nylon and 10% Lycra Spandex.

    Pros: It allows me to carry while wearing something light like a baggy t-shirt. If you wear a tight shirt, the bulge is going to show depending of course on the size of your firearm and mags.

    Cons: This is not a set up that allows any sort of "quick draw". If someone has a knife or a gun close to you, there's no way I can see you getting your firearm out in time

    When the weather is cooler and I can wear a heavier jacket, I usually go with the regular leather shoulder holster.

    While I do live in a state that allows "open carry", that's just not something I feel comfortable in doing myself.

    I do have a Concealed Weapons Permit and 23 yrs of LE experience.

  17. arecipo

    jking, you statements about carrying un-licensed in the state of Texas are incorrect. That law applies to motorhomes. Yes, cars and other modes of transportation are considered extensions of your home. But peacable carry laws are specific in the state of Texas. Must be driving more than 3 counties away from home, carrying more than $5000 worth of goods or money, travelling to and from a gun range, and even then, the officer has the discretion to arrest you or not. This will cause you to hire an attourney and get expensive quick to fight the charge. You must also maintain the weapon in an unloaded state and neither the ammunition or gun can be in reach of each other nor either item to the driver or a passenger.

    The last thing you want on your record is a weapons charge, because then you will never own one again. I would get a CHL if you want to carry.


  18. Tucci641

    I carry mine IWB (in the waist band) in a home made rig that has a metal clip to keep it in place. We have a concealment permit law here so I can carry wherever I desire. It holds it in place real well. So well in fact that when I took a tummble a few months back, it stayed put which is quit a testament to the design. I'm curious how a topic like this could get outta hand, its a carry my weapon discussion? Been riding with it for better than 20 years never needing to throw down. Law says I have to feel in danger of my life, if you stay cool and watch what your doing it rarely becomes an issue.

  19. Tucci641

    Yup beind left handed does allow you easy access to your weapon. I've tested my rig tactically and an IWB can be accessed quickly from under any kind of covering. The 'pitch' needs to have a forward ' cant' allowing for holster clearing. I would be hesitant to wear a shoulder rig. If I had one of those on when I took my spill it would have cracked the ribs underneath (Ooouucchhh!).

  20. kamezbanger

    I hardley ever carry while riding, but when I do, it is in the saddle desire for full comfort outweighs my paranoia.

    By the way, I don't always drink beer, but when I do, I drink Dosequis...stay thirsty my friends.


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