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Custom Seat Pan Update

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  1. fupar

    I told y'all a few weeks ago that the people from Mustang Seats said that they would sell me a seat pan. Looks like that isn't gonna happen. I did find a company in South Carolina that said that if I sent them a template, they would make a metal seat pan for me. Here is a picture of some of their work.

    If I have a custom seat made, that attaches to the fender and frame only, I can get by using a fiberglass, ABS or plastic seat pan. However, I want the seat pan to be made of metal. I want it to be as rigid as it can be. That SC company said that the thickness of the metal that they use is 16 gauge. They still haven't given me a quote yet, but I guess that's because they need my template to know what all it will entail. To refresh your memory, this is the look I am looking for.

    It doesn't have to be exact, but I want it to look something like it. I like that double bucket, PLUSH look. I'll keep you posted as things progress.

  2. tunc

    keep us posted on the outcome
    looks like ya butt will get lost in that seat
    how come ya cant get a base from mustang

    if it works out is there a fupar seat line comin up

  3. fupar
    # come ya cant get a base from mustang...
    When I first talked with Amy, from Mustang, she said that they could sell me just the seat pan. When I called back a few days later to place the order, she was off that day. The person that answered the phone told me that they do not sell just the seat pan.

    I did contact 3 people that are willing to make the seat portion, once I supply them with the seat pan. One in Houston (near me), one in Georgetown, Texas, and one up in Maine. I will probably use either the guy in Houston or the guy in Georgetown, because I want to be able to personally bring them the seat pan, so that they can see how I sit on the bike, and create the seat portion accordingly.

    It would have been a lot easier if Mustang would have just sold me a seat pan.


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