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Custom Fabbed Flag Bracket

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  1. roukhriter8

    Its supposed to be near seventy here tomorrow so I told my Sergeant that I will be sick tomorrow and Monday. During the weekend my Dad and I are gonna spend some time together riding and modding our bikes. I am gonna build a bracket to mount a flag on my bike. I am gonna use a brass t with a stainless pipe and compression fittings. I am gonna mount it on the back of the tag bracket with a longer tag bolt through the straight section of the t and the pole will stick out the top of the t.

    Has anyone done a mod like this? Any tips would be appreciated.

  2. viltirizhman

    Hey if you don't mind, please send me pics please?

  3. popper19

    enjoy, we're supposed to be getting about 6-12 inches of fresh powder here... That would be awesome if there were hills to ski or snowboard on, but it's flat like a tabletop here!!


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