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Custom Cam Cover

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  1. pucgj171

    Here is a few pics of the cam cover I am designing... Check it out and give me your thoughts

  2. pawdvin

    The top desigh would go well with the new stye wheels (swirly) the others remind me of the biohazerd emblem.

  3. kman

    You do some nice work Bucky. It would be nice to get a few more Warrior riders on this site.

  4. efford1

    I would love to have that on my bike. Looks great.

  5. rcrawinz

    From rcrawinz-- I love my 2004 warrior have 28,0000 miles on her mostly
    highway miles. I'm 54 yrs. of age so I don't do burn outs or light to light
    drag racing. I do try to have fun with it in regards to my limitations and skill level. here's my issue bike is at the shop due to it skipping in 2nd gear. the shop fist stated that 2nd gear tranny cluster and possible shifting fork are possible problems I told the shop that I should'nt be having any issues with
    the tranny becuase of the way I ride her.
    the shop called me back and told me that it would cost 1400.oo just to open
    and close the tranny cases , replacing broken parts not included !!
    the shop called me back and said they think that they found the problem without splitting the cases. the tech went to the right side and found my counter shaft and sprocket completely wiped out and the cost was now 900.00 they replaced the counter shaft and sprocket ,took it for a test drive
    and as luck or no luck has it was still skipping in second gear.
    the shop told me that they will eat the labor for the 1st stage of work --I'll
    naturally pay for the shaft and sprocket. I hard for me to believe that I'm having these type issues with my yamaha Comments???

    Advice the shop informed me that since my bike is 80% taken apart it might be a good time to install some goodies. I'm leaning towards a pair of je/patrick hi compression pistons comments??
    also leaning toward a barrnett spring clutch vs.stock diafram style type clutch. advice and comments?? with the oringinal cost hopefully not going over 2000.00 the goodies budget is definitely just would like to
    piston kit 340.00 barrnett clutch 135.00 and added labor
    comments or advice?? Any comments would be greatly appreciated THANKS

  6. rcrawinz

    to pucgj171 very nice start I'm got to get my bike fixed first before I can consider a cam cover. lots of creativity in your work


    Hey Tim!, I just found this site. Not surprised to see a member from the other forum.

  8. SuiciteDan

    Bucky does some awesome work!

    I just found out about this forum from the page too...Alberta, Canada here. Bucky's done a custom front pulley cover for me and also is starting a one-off rear pulley to match my Carrozzeria wheels. Anyone interested in his work should not's top notch. He'll be doing more for me as I get the ideas and money, of course!!

    Gotta go for a ride in this beautiful Alberta evening air...later!


  9. pucgj171

    Thanks everyone:
    Here are some snap shots of it on the bike:


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