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Curb Burners?

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  1. pocomo1064cuzdom

    I am going to change the exhaust on my 2001 1100 custom. I have seen the curb burner exhaust from pacific coast star, I really like the look but I haven't seen alot of testimonials. That is why I turn to my brothers in the YMF. Does anyone have these pipes on their bike? Has anyone heard them? Do you know where I can hear them? Are there any expected gains or losses in the power band? Any input on the subject would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

  2. Ghozd608

    I have the Thugstars, Basically the same pipe, except they are 2-1, instead of 2-2.

    I have always heard that the 2-1 pipes have a deeper sound to them, and from what few pipes I have been able to compare that where basically the same pipe with the only diff. being 2-1 or 2-2, the 2-1 has always had a deeper rumble. Mine sound really good, and have a deep rumble, at low speeds they really turn heads, as you get up in RPM's they mellow out some so they are still confortable to ride with on a distance ride. They deffinately change the sound of your bike, nobody realizes its a metric, by sound.

    I did several changes at the same time, so I can't tell you for sure about any loss or gain, other than in my bike club there are several V-Star 1100's and mine is considerably faster than there's. Even thou both sets of pipes are straight pipes with no baffles, PCS keeps some back-pressure to the motor by having a slightly smaller pipe from the flange down for about 2 or 3 inches, and then going up to the larger pipe for your deep rumble sound.
    If you call PCS, and tell them what type of sound you want, they will be very helpfull in suppling info and suggestions, and tell you if the Curbs are going to give you the sound you want.
    Be sure to remove your AIS system if you already haven't. And for best performance be sure to put an air kit on if you don't have one and jet the Carbs, I put MAX Air Engineerings PRo, jet ket and intake system on, with the Air cleaners (2 - K&N) tucked up under the Gas Tank.


  3. pocomo1064cuzdom

    Thanks for the reply. It is still a couple of weeks until I order, so if anybody else out there has any thoughts or comments, I would like to hear it. And yes I will be installing a PCS jet kit, A K&N air filter and disconnecting the AIS system the same time as the exhaust. The big air kit and Dyna 3000 ignition will come a little later down the road.

  4. yzcoodermac

    Hey shoot quicgmicg questions you have about Pcs.He also has them.Seems like he was pretty knowledgeable about the Pcs.Good luck.

  5. plueSS

    i saw the curburners and was thanking about a set and a cold air kit of some kind but was wondering about gas mileage my 08 1100 custom gets about 50 mpg now and i like that but if i start cutting that down it sort of defeats one of the things i like about the bike what kind of decrease in mileage can i expect you know gas will go back up

  6. RokerThad

    there is a video on .

    or just search v star 1100 and you can hear them. He revs them too much, but I think they sound good.

  7. quicgmicg

    I've got the Thugstars too and love them. They are definitely loud but the sound is great. I'd recommend them....

  8. LiddleBen

    Quick Mic has the curb burners. I run the monster pro 2 into 1. A word about gas mileage. I have found that the right combo of air kit and exhaust will not only enhance performance. They will probably slightly increase your fuel economy. I have one slightly modified 1100 and the mods did'nt seem to change gas mileage. the other bike has a custom built motor and it gets better mileage than stock.both are 1100's

  9. Ghozd608

    I have noticed that if the bike is set up correctly, tuned well, (Note: to a certain point) that the more power or the bigger the motor, the better gas millage I get. But and this is a big one, is the better the bike performs, the harder it is to keep my right hand from really twisting the grip!!!! Last summer I average 55 mpg on my Raider going to the east coast, but most of my riding was flat, and easy riding, when I hit the east coast, I dropped to 45 as I was in the mountains on twisties having a good time, and even coming back west, as I was on more curved roads having a good time!!! My V-star 1100, I average about 47 mpg, with the way its set-up right now, versus when it was stock I got 42-45

  10. LiddleBen

    Ghost you are a man of my sentiments exactly. One must wonder : Can a man ever have too much horse power? and if he can when will he ever know it? I have a very heavy right hand at times. 100 hp 1100? Too much? Nah I think not.


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