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  1. Shebhertezz

    So after the week of snow we had, today was suppose to be warm and sunny and this is the day I was looking forward to for my last ride of the season. Well it's cold and raining on and off. Forecast for the rest of the month is the shits. So I finally had to admit that there's no more riding til Spring and I'll have to get Silver Girl ready for hibernation. It's even too cold here to go out to the garage during the winter to just sit on her and let her idle, close my eyes and pretend I'm on the road.

    So I cried my little heart out while I listened to Rider's Prayer on my iPod. May times. If I live to ride and ride to live, how do I survive the winter? How do the rest of you do it? (Oh and BTW, this thread is closed to those in Florida )

    Some of you have seen this video but I'll post it again. I'm "Dan" in the video. Anyone have any good story book suggestions? That's something I can do throughout the winter...

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  2. flakkerbhil

    I feel for you, Shep. Fortunately, here in the St Louis area I can still get rides in during the winter. While we get cold and snow, we don't get that much snow and there are usually enough 45 deg and up days to get some decent rides in, even in Jan and Feb.

    Or course, I'm retiring in the next year or so and will be moving to central Florida full time in the house my wife and I bought...but somehow I don't think your really want to hear about that.

    It was in the mid 40s and partly cloudy a nice ride in without getting too cold. Hope you get SOMETHING in before the snow hits the eaves of your roof!

  3. TheGoltj

    You know, Shebhertezz, even though here in Southern California we have year-round riding (it's 92 and sunny right now), I have some idea how you feel. During our "rainy season" I'm not able to ride sometimes for 2 or 3 weeks at a time, mainly because the cages are even more dangerous when it's wet out than they are normally. I go absolutely nuts when I can't ride even for that "short" period, so I can imagine what it must be like to not be able to ride for months on end.

  4. Mmmakic

    I can totally sympathize with you! I'm praying that I can get one more ride in before we winterize our bikes. When that does happen, then my house will actually get clean and I'll do all the projects that DIDN'T get done during the riding season. I'D RATHER BE RIDING!!!!

  5. micg10

    So I cried my little heart out while I listened to Rider's Prayer on my iPod. May times. If I live to ride and ride to live, how do I survive the winter? How do the rest of you do it?
    hey Shepp, over the next few months while your bike is hybernatating i will post some pics of some of our beautiful "summer weather"! kidding.
    i know how you feel, even though we ride all year round here when i was waiting for my classic to arrive after buying it (8 weeks waiting), i had nothing to ride for that time and it was killing me.
    the good weather will be here before you know it.

  6. quinnyim

    I can't accept that it's over! I'm trailering my bike down to Tennesse in a few days to keep riding!

  7. micg10

    here you go Shepp, a nice sunny sunday!
    sorry, couldn't help myself.

  8. Mmmakic

    here you go Shepp, a nice sunny sunday!sorry, couldn't help myself.
    That's just not right! LOL

  9. MigejCojode

    Shep my dear I feel your pain. Having lived most my life in Alberta or Saskatchewan I've learned two things:

    1. You can take vacations in the southern US with your motorcycle for nearly the same price as flying 2 people there Just gotta add a few more days for the drive.
    2. I don't like prairie winters so I move away when I can!

    One suggestion I have for you, besides storing the bike properly, is find a way to heat the garage. This being your first year with Silver Girl you probably don't have too many issues to fix but for most of us winter is repair and mod time. I fix anything major when it happens but the little things like frayed cable housings, paint chips and such wait for winter. So does my good polishing. She gets cleaned quite often but over the winter my bike gets taken apart and polished. Sure nice to have a little heat when I do it.

  10. tawedhehuman

    Riding time coming to an end here also. I will still go out up until the snow stays and temps can't climb over freezing during the day.

    I will take it apart and clean all those nasty little dirt holes. I also have to pull my motor and adjust and shim my valves. I am fortunate as i can do all my work in heated garage.

    I will survive yet another winter by distracting myself with sex and alcohol.

  11. ylzhooder

    No suggestions for you just a sharing of your pain.

    This past weekend I took advantage of the great weather we had here in northern AB and rode my bike to it's winter prison. However, my storage place is not close to home. It's just east of Lloydminster. 262kms from here. So I can't just go out to her and visit. But I do for a few conjugal visits throughout the winter.

  12. Cabri103

    Ah Shep,

    I feel your pain. I Really do. We lived up in New York for a couple of years awhile ago. I liked to have died not being able to ride during the winter. I don't know how you folks do it! The only good thing I remember about it was how special it was to take the bike out in March even tho it was really still to cold to ride much then. Just to make you feel is a pic from a group of us on our way to Biketoberfest last weekend. You should come for a visit.

  13. Shebhertezz

    That pic is suppose to make me feel better!? Whaaaaaa

  14. Cabri103

    Sorry about that Shep, Just trying to cheer you up If you stick around here, and I'm pretty sure you will, you are gonna see these kind o pics for the next several months! So what'a are you gonna do for your Motorcycle fix? I read a lot and have a pretty good collection of MC related books. Here's a good one that that might help you get thru that dreary winter: LEANINGS by Peter Egan, he is a very good writer and it is a very easy read about his rides around the country and abroad.

    Cheers, Phil

  15. Shebhertezz

    Got my last ride in yesterday! Yippee Ki-eh!

  16. MorkKW

    I got only slightly sunburned yesterday, apparently, not adding quite enough sun block. Oh, well. With it 86 & sunny AGAIN today, I added a double dosage of block and came home earlier with no additonal red glow. : ) My little wifey just said it's time to go out and fire up the bike for another little ride, which is probably no different than what everyone else is doing today, right? Just to make you feel better, by Thursday it's suppose to cool down to 83 or 84.

    (ducking for cover)

  17. Shebhertezz

    (Oh and BTW, this thread is closed to those in Florida )
    Morg, was this on your report card alot as a kid, "Does not follow instructions well"?

  18. MorkKW

    I really didn't want to do it, but a guy broke into our home and forced me at gun point to write it. Yeah, that's what happened. He ended up not taking anything, believing instead the message I wrote would provide me with more trouble from you than whatever he could cause me.

  19. dheziek

    That is harsh stuff! Not to rub it in but I'm only 3hrs south of you right beside Lethbridge and I've been able to get out every week, including yesterday. It gets windy, but it's worth it.

  20. Shebhertezz

    I have a friend in Lethbridge and she complains about the wind alot. But heck look at the warm weather you get. And only 4 hours away from me (at the speed I drive...). Just not fair....


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