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Couple of questions

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  1. gerowicg

    I have a 2005 650 classic.

    1. I need to replace my tires and am looking for recommendations. If possible, I would like whitewalls.

    2. It's time to order my enigine gaurd and pegs, I've pretty much decided on the MC Enterprises one but does anyone else have anyother recommendations and what are you guys using for pegs?

    3. Round abouts, how much does the 15k service cost?

    Thanks loads!!

  2. Callibjkian

    I'll just answer the one that I know about, which is the first question. I currently have the Metzler ME880's on my bike. I got 8000 miles on the stock Dunlops and still had plenty of tread left, so they were great, but I just wanted whitewalls also. So far the metzlers are fine. I can't really tell one way or another on performance, but they look great Can check them out on my profile album.


  3. GermanVirkinz

    I agree with Calli, I just put the Metz WWW 880's on my 650 and love em.

  4. zbungj

    I just put the Pirelli's MT 66's love em so far ... rode across a grating bride and it felt just like blacktop .... They own Metzlers but are cheaper .... Heck of a tire ...

  5. popper19

    I have the Dunlops on mine, and I LOVE them. They really bring the look of the bike together. Can usually be found on Dennis Kirk for about $120 each.

  6. michwzdar

    Im not much for WW, so ill refrain from the first question, but I will tell you I have heard good and bad about MC crash bars. I have heard, depending on how hard you turn, youll be looking at major scraping issues. I have also heard of them pitting but this was only 1 case. I have heard that they hold up during a crash unlike other crash bars. I have seen people seeling kury pegs for about 100 ish. I would recomend ebay for a search with different choices.

    As far as a 15k service, my stealer usually goes at about 78.00 an hour and tells me to figure 2-3 hours. I usually do it myself for 1/3 of that, and would recomend the same if you have the place and tools.

  7. retzdaret

    I have MC Enterprises crash bars and have had no clearance problems at all. To be honest I forget they are on there because they never once have dragged. You will hit the floor boards long before you hit them. Trust me I know this. They are real good quality.

    I got these for highway pegs. Nothing special but got them cheep brand new off ebay.

  8. gerowicg

    I went ahead and got the ME880 WWW on order, they will be in thursday.

    MC engine guard is in the mail also as well as some pegs off of Ebay. My bike is going to fell like it's xmas or something next week.

    Thanks for the advice everyone!

  9. Callibjkian

    don't worry. it may feel like it's christmas, but it will get over it quick and want more


  10. gerowicg

    I may have an issue then, besides a luggage rack I think I'm done...

    Oh and the drivers backrest...

    and a better seat....

    and soft saddlebags....

    Ok I see your point.


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