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Cost of labor for rear tire change

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  1. rizbordzman

    Hey everyone,

    I have a 2006 Vstar custom 1100. Yesterday while doing about 30 mph, I picked up a piece of metal, and it sliced a 2 inch hole in my rear tire, immediately causing it to go flat. I amazingly did not dump it.

    Now I need to bring it in for a new rear tire . What have you paid just for labor to have a rear tire replaced. I looked in the owners manual, it doesn't seem to difficult, but I do not have a bike stand, so taking the rim and tire off myself it out of the question.

    Also, seeing I am going to be replacing the rear tire, what is the largest tire I can put on.

    By the way, this is a great site with lots of info. Look forward to learning quite a bit about my bike here.

  2. quicgmicg

    Usually runs about $100 here in Tucson

  3. Jonezpoj

    Yammi dealer here has $95 an hour shop time. I found an independant that charges $35 per wheel to R&R the tire, plus balance, then put it back on the bike. Shop around and ask around........

  4. rocgman

    a local dealer here is 40 bucks or 90 for "axle block". (if there is something in the way of the axle) and they also have a half off coupon if you buy the tire from them

  5. wzdar6

    local shop in my area is putting front and rear tire on for me at a cost of $85.00. my local dealer got $60 to install a rear the last time. just left the honda dealer to check on my wrecked bike and he gets $45 per tire.

  6. jkd4

    the shop I work at a rear tire on a vstar is 36.50 plus shop supplies. The widest tire you can put on a stock 1100 is a 200. Metzler and Avon both make a tire for it in that size.


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