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Corbin or Mustan Seat ???

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  1. Cabri103

    The next purchase for my 950T is going to be a new seat....Needed for the week long tour I'll be taking in September. I am going to get one with a drivers backrest. I've been looking a both the Mustang and Corbin websites. Both a fairly impressive. Corbin has a store near St Augustine which I will probably visit next week. I'd like some input from you guys as to some of the pros and cons (if any) of these seats so that I have some good info when I go to visit the store.


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  2. TheGoltj

    I looked at the Corbin seats when I was looking for one for my 650. The foam they use is quite a bit harder than what Mustang uses and the Corbin people told me that they require a break-in period before they get comfortable. I got a Mustang for the 650 and loved it, so there was no question in my mind as to which seat to get for the 950. I've had the Mustang on for about 3 months now and it's even better than the one I had before because this time I got the backrest on it. I did a 600 mile day last Saturday and had absolutely no soreness during or afterwards. I can highly recommend the Mustang to anyone looking to replace their stock seat.

  3. dveag29

    Aah...Corbin vs Mustang...the ages old battle continues!

    Well, no matter what style of bike the comparison always comes down to personal preference. Corbin's have ALWAYS been more firm than Mustang seats, and in the case of sportbikes/standards it tends to be the preferred seat. A plush seat makes you feel disconnected from the bike, something most sport riders do not like.

    Among cruiser riders it tends to swing towards Mustang as the seating position of the majority of cruisers puts pressure on a riders tailbone and the "softer" cradle of the Mustang seats just feels better (IMO).

  4. Rop123

    I have about 4 hours of riding with my new Mustang seat and I'm very very happy with it. The problem with the stock seat is that it's built like a "spoon" and the rider never feels that they are in the best position thus there's constant repositioning of one's rear end...with the Mustang seat there's no doubt about where you fit. I feel much more "a part of the cycle" rather than riding "on" the cycle. My favorite feature of my Mustang Vintage seat is the way it gives support to my lower back. It's shape creates additional lumbar support. As far as quality of workmanship and materials are concerned all I can can is that the Mustang seat is beautifully crafted.

    I'm sure there is a "break-in" period with most seats but the Mustang felt good for me on the very first ride.....hopes that helps to give you another perspective.

  5. VTvinChic

    I've had both, and I like both; each puts you in a different position. The Corbin was deeper dished and wrapped around your lumbar region. It comes much higher on your back and I didn't need an additional backrest. I might say it pulls you further back from the handlebars than the Mustang. The Corbin is more like a horse riding saddle - not terribly padded, yet perfectly sculpted. I've done 500 mile days with it and liked it.
    The Mustang is different - it is thicker padded and raises you up more And closed to the handlebars than the Corbin (don't recall stock). Again, I've done 500 mile days and the Mustang is equally comfy. However I would not get the Mustang without the backrest. It is Chevy vs Ford, Canon vs Nikon.

  6. yohncudd

    I just installed the Mustang this week and have ridden about 200 miles so far. I also had the Yamaha Tourer seat which I have heard was made by Corbin. The Yamaha seat was too hard for me, although it had nice ergonomics. I really, really, like the mustang seat. It is very comfortable, excellent support, and I have noted that since getting it, I have not even shifted my weight once on the bike to get a more comfortable position, it just fits me perfect. I got the backrest also, and initially I didn't think i would like it, but by the second day I found it very comfortable and the extra support feeels great. I actually look forward to some very long rides (this weekend) to see how it does after an hour or so. No matter what, I recommend the Mustang.

  7. MorkKW

    DITTO to what V-T Chic said.
    Corbin, or Mustang??? I've owned them both and they each are really nice, but ooooh-soooo different than one another in how they position the rider and how they feel. The Corbin is leather and a little more costly, is a bit more supportive and does a better job at "locking-in" the rider with its deeply scooped out contoured shape. The Mustang is vinyl, but this doesn't deter from its comfort, not in the least. It's designed to be a little "cushier" than the Corbin, often appreciated even more so by the passenger than the rider, which often is a key factor when considering either of these two seats. The Mustang positions the rider slightly forward vs. the stocker at about the same height, while the Corbin sits about an inch lower and back just slightly vs the Mustang. Both position the passenger very much alike. The Corbin absolutely is the best looking and most custom-like seat of the aftermarket seats, yet the Mustang is the biggest seller for the 950's big brother, the 1300. These two seats are both good, but as different as strawberry vs. chocolate. each being a massive improvement vs. the stocker.

    Make it a great weekend.


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