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  1. Zoom181

    LOL Yup, that sounds about like us AtrianF. Mark is 6 ft and I am close to 5'5". I rode him down the rode on mine one day but it wasn't far and I was ready for him to get off but it was when I was first learning.

  2. AtrianF

    The other funny thing is I am 115kg shes 68kg


  3. Bamazcood

    I have a 1100 Silverado, and i LOVE it! Not but 2 things that could make it a better bike, make the oil changing a bit easier, and add a 6th gear! I think you'll like a 1100.

    Good riding,

  4. kman

    I think your headed the right direction to get the 950. The 950 has low seat height, good for 5'5". I haven't riden one but have read they cruise better than the 1100.

  5. bkman

    I sat on a 950 today - I was not as impressed as I thought I'd be, but it was very nice. Sitting still, it felt a little like the only 650 I ever rode - and only then for about two miles. I can't really describe the difference, but it just felt lighter and less "planted" to the tarmac as the 1100. Oddly enough, the 950 actually weighs about the same as my 1100 Custom (or even a little bit more) but the 1100 feels beefier. Also, the stock seat is terrible, IMO, and the controls seem a little far forward, but that could just be my imagination (or my short legs).

    On the plus side, I lust heavily for those wheels and the 2-into-1 exhaust looks sweet (to me). I'll bet it runs, too. I think that, for the money, you could do a LOT worse than the 950. I am sure that aftermarket support will ramp up quickly for the 950, too.

  6. 1CuzdominFL

    I bought my 02 1100 custom about a year and a half ago. It had 72k miles on it. now it has 84k. Other than a starter clutch, all it has needed is routine maintenance. It has more miles than a car from 02 should have, but it runs flawlessly. So while I have never ridden or sat on the 950 or 1300, I can vouch a little for long-term reliability of the 1100. While it is "old school" technology, it is also proven. Plus I only paid $2500 so it was a no brainer.

  7. bkman

    ...While it is "old school" technology, it is also proven. Plus I only paid $2500 so it was a no brainer.
    You got a good deal, and if a metric bike with 70,000+ miles on can still bring $2500, I'd say that the resale value of the 1100 is proven, too.

    Seriously, I tried to find a used 1100 for my wife and I couldn't find anything under $4000 - not even the older ones. If I could have found a used one for $2500, I'd have bought it.

  8. zhatovofzelf

    I tried one on at the Dealer during Star meeting. First one I had seen and the dealer had to tell another member that it was the 950. Did not feel right when I sat on it, but on the up side, I loved the 2-1 exhaust. I will stick with my 1100 Classic.


  9. DargHorze

    Like I was told when I was looking for my first motorcycle. Buy the one that is right for you. I tried all sorts of cruiser and sport bikes.
    I narrowed it down to the Honda Shadow 1100 and the V-Star 1100. I went with he V-Star because it felt better to me. Some one else may have picked the Honda, but that's them.
    Try them out and buy the one that fits you best. The only think you have to worry about after that is enjoying the ride.



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