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Comedy or Errors (Oil Change)

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  1. rzchafer2

    I reached the magical 600 miles and did the oil change. It took be 3 hours, not because it was so hard, but because of my many mistakes. I must have taken the oil filter cover off 5 or 6 times. Each time I would put it back on, I would find a piece that should have been inside, like the little o ring on the bottom bolt, even the large cover over the filter. Then I would take the cover off and o ring would fall off and I would forget it. All I can say is very stupid.

    After having it all back together and starting it up, I have a major exhaust leak on the front cylinder. I have dropped the gasket and didn't put it back on. So another hour to pull the exhaust and put the gasket in after searching for it finding it in the used oil.

    Anyway, it shouldn't have taken more than 2 hours. Hopefully next time I will know better.

  2. frok

    been there done that........just gotta laugh it off...

  3. mcurrj1

    Well you should have done the really smart thing and bought an oil relocation kit. I had mine installed before I took delivery, now an oil change will take 15 minutes tops. I dont have to worry about exhaust issues neither.

  4. quicgmicg

    agreed on the ORK! That front pipe can be a bugger to get back on....

  5. chilibebber

    Man I hate it when that happens. I did a similar thing like that too when changing the oil.

  6. Klemmer760

    I would sooner go through 3 hours and struggle than pay $200 Canadian to have it done. I just took my ride in thinking it was like a car oil change $40 maybe $50 at the most . I all most fell on my $# (at) # when they gave me the bill. Never again will my ride ever see the inside of that shop.

  7. rocginritinkrek

    What make of oil filter did you use. I see at canadian tire they have fram oil filters for 9.99 are they good .


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