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Cold Front Jug

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  1. liddlev74

    I am in need of help. I own a 2007 V-star 1100 Silverado and I have a cold front jug.
    Not to long ago, I started the bike with a strange idle. I had noTSdarted for some time, about a month, so I thought it was bad gas. I pulled and drained the tank and put new plugs thinking this would solve the problem23. nope.
    The idle seems fine until you give it gas then it pops alittle, not much thou. I felt the front jug and pipe and it is cold, I felt the back jug and it was warm and getting hotter.
    I pulled the plug to see if I was getting spark and there was spark and there was the smell of gas on the plug..???
    So what the heck is wrong...Can anyone help me with this..???


  2. bkman

    It sounds to me like you're not getting enough fuel through the pilot circuit of the front carburetor. That can happen if the pilot jet is clogged, which can easily happen when a bike sits up for a while - particularly with today's Ethanol fuel blends.

    Does the motor run normally if you take it out on the road and ride it? If it seems to "wake up" when you get out on the street and start twisting the throttle, you probably have a clogged (or partially clogged) pilot jet. Clearing it can be as simple as pouring some good carb cleaner in the gas tank and riding about 100 miles. Sometimes, you have to go further and take the carbs apart to manually clean them. In more extreme cases, the jets need to be replaced. That is more extreme, only because you have to change a $5 jet once you get the carburetor apart - it's not THAT extreme.

    There are also some very tiny passages in the carbs through which fuel must flow to feed the idle / low-speed circuit. These passages can be cleared with a good can of aerosol carb cleaner, but you will have to dis-mantle some of the stuff to get it in there. It is usually easiest (and most effective) to do this with the carburetors off the bike. If you've never taken your carbs off before, you might want to go get a Chilton or Clymer shop manual, which will help you a lot.

    The very first thing you should do is change the fuel filter, then run a small can of Seafoam or Berryman's B-12 fuel treatment / cleaner through your machine. If things aren't too bad, this will clear everything up in less than one tankful. If you don't get any improvment after that, it may be time to get the wrenches out.

  3. liddlev74

    Thanks man, giving it a try right now. I hope this works it a great day to ride here in sunny So Cal.

  4. liddlev74

    Sorry Brother for taking so long to get back with you, we are in the process of moving. I did everything you said and she is purring like a kitten again, thanks a ton for your help.



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