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cold blooded?

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  1. gmgintret

    I have a 2008 Custom and it seems even more cold blooded than would be normal. Today (55-60 degrees), it would not turn over unless I had the choke all the way out, even though I had run the bike for half an hour and then it sat for only an hour. If I'm at work and it sits for 9 hours, okay that I understand. But it seems like I run into the above described situation a lot. Otherwise, the bike is running great. Are these bikes just that cold blooded?


  2. ladeploomer

    Yeah, that sounds about right. I have a 2004 Custom & it seems that 70 degrees or better is her sweet spot - and even then sometimes she chugs a bit without the choke. But I ride her year round (thank you, choke) and she never complains.

  3. KJoe218

    Ditto. It seems to always like the choke to get started, but I can usually get off of it pretty quick.

  4. micg10

    mine is the 09 model and in the cooler weather after turning it off it cools down very quick.
    what you described would be very common.

  5. SlovBoj

    At 45* this morning, mine turned hard at the start even WITH the choke full out. Yours seems like it's right along side the rest. I wouldn't worry.

  6. Trollpj

    When the temp gets cold out the choke is your friend. I use mine a little more in cold weather and sometimes on really cold mornings I have it on for the start of the ride.

    Never had an issue, of course my first car had a manual choke on it so doesn't bother me


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