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Coil Wire Help Again

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  1. ALR359

    The Star Hotline Says They Have No Idea What I'm Talking About With The Crossed Wires But According To What I Have Read Mine Are Crossed On The Right Side I'm Haveing No Problems With The Bike Should I Switch Them So That The #2 Wire Is On The Front Coil Like The Left Side Or Leave It How It Is Thanks For The Help And Ride Safe!!!!!!!!

  2. moundainman107

    Read the replys on this link it should tell you what you ned to know. Yes there is a problem with some of the coil wires and it sounds liike you have one with the wires crossed. If a "customer service tech" doesn't know that there is a problem don't assume there is not one.

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  3. matcruser

    Yes, #2 should go to the front cylinder. You may not realize there is a problem but you will probably notice a difference once you make the switch, especially at low RPM's.

  4. maddbovell

    hahahaha, im thinking that the star hotline is just hired help with a manual

  5. byt14

    Well, I've put 500 miles on my bike and now just determined that I have switched coil wires. I even complained to the local Yamaha dealer about it the 1st week and mentioned the forum talking about this problem. They claimed that it was something that was fixed - all B.S.

    I took off the right side cover and found the wires switched. After swapping the coil wires, the bike ran great. No more backfiring! I then installed the Fi2000R Cobra digital fuel processor. The bike has never run better - runs better during all phases - I couldn't be happier.

    It's surprising that bike dealerships don't really understand this bike, nor it's issues when so many people have experienced the problem.

  6. BigerPad

    I have a Blue Raider S, Model XV19CSXL. The wiring on my coils are as follows: Front coils - Green/Red wires and the spark plug cables goes to the front cyclinder or cylinder #2. Rear coils - Orange wires, spark plug cables goes to the rear cylinder or cylinder #1. As a note, I always thought that the front cylinder was the #1 cylinder. I have confirmed the wiring with the service manual (LIT-11616-21-26) for this particular Raider model. Hope this helps with your issue.


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