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coil problems

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  1. mago

    Its not a yamaha but hope someone has an idea.Ok it is a 1980 suzuki gs1000g i just replaced the coils with dyna dc1-1 tested everything before i reasembled, all plugs fired good and strong. The problem is cyl number 1&2 fire fine 3&4 seem like they do not fire all the time,the head pipes for 1&2 get real hot to the touch but the other 2just get warm. I realy dont think that the coils are bad was thinking more along the line of carbs.Just thought someone else has come across something like this and what was done to correct it.

  2. quicgmicg

    Have you synched the carbs?

  3. asphaltwarrior155

    Twin fire coils right? If so one coil fires 1&4 and the other fires 2&3..So I would check the wires to the plugs,and possible the plugs..Just by chance if there is a clogged passage on the two different cylinders you could hold your hand over each cyl,while it is running and then rev it good.Sometimes it will clear small debris.

  4. mago

    No i have not synched the carbs,but thanks for reminding me. As soon as my better half lets me go of the honey dos i will get right on that.Thanks quicgmicg.

  5. mago

    Yes they are twin fire coils,new plug wires and new plugs.They all fire good when i check them out of the cylinders. Its just number 3&4 seam like they dont fire all the time when in there cylinders,Iwill take them back out and try what you said about holding my hand over the cyl and reving it up.But like i told quicgmicg have to wait till the other half lets me go ha ha.Thanks for the input,if i cant get it to work right i still have my primary bike the 950

  6. GaryTJ15

    Its not a yamaha but hope someone has an idea.Ok...

    If it ran OK before the coils, it was something you did. don't compound your problem by doing other things like the carbs. Then you don't know which thing you did is the problem. (or both)

    If it was running the same before, then you just did some expensive diagnosing and now you can elimiNade the coils.

  7. asphaltwarrior155

    Well I'm still gonna stick to the carbs,as like I said the coils are twin fire and they fire 1&4 off one coil and 2 &3 off the second coil..So If cyl 1 fires hot then 4 should also,same for 2 & 3..If not then it is either bad plugs,or more them likely poor fuel supply..Does that have dual petcocks mago?One supplying 1&2 and the other 3&4? Or separate feed lines at least to 1&2 and 3 & 4?

  8. mago

    no just the one petcock that i have ever seen,unless they put one somewhere that i havent found.The bike did run before but it did do a lot of poping from the right side muffler,and it was hard to start,now it starts real easy but it will not idle.Tomorrow i start looking for the problem again.


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