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Cobra Speedster Shorts

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  1. rocgjmarciano

    I have seen a few posts on cobra pipes. So you guys think they are good pipes? I was looking at the Speedster Shorts and a buddy of mine said that cobra has some problems with this true? Do they discolor?

    i dont want to spend 500 bux to have them discolor.

    Thanks again for any info!

  2. HACKB828

    I had Cobra Lo Boy Shotguns on my first V Star 1100. I regularly rode on long trips in 90-100 degree temps in the Southern humidity and never had any problems with discoloration until about one year after I installed the pipes. I rode it 9 hours straight at 80+ mph in the middle of summer. All I got then was a very small spot about the size of a 50 cent piece where the pipe connects to the header. I don't blame Cobra for that. I believe any brand would have discolored under those extreme conditions and heat. I'm not sure what kind of a difference it made, but when I bought the pipes, I coated the insides with Kreem Blue Shield.

    From my experience, the Cobras were great. I've heard that others have had other results though.

  3. rocgjmarciano

    Nice thanks for the info

  4. yerzejricg

    ...I have cobra pipes on mine and it has 10k on it with no discoloration so far. Somewhere in the manual I believe, it said if you run the choke to long it may discolor from the heat. Hope that helps ya...

  5. cmkippj

    i have cobra shorts and their awesome! no discoloration and soound great. i run 'em on a vstar 1100 custom and have had for about a year now


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