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Cobra Slip-On Pipes

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  1. covpoj636

    I just bought a set of after-market Cobra Slip-On pipes for my 2005 Classic 1100. Does anybody know if I need to have the carbs rejetted with these pipes?

  2. richartkreer

    i think i would because most of these bike are really lean from the factory. i put the cobra 2167 slip on on mine and rode it for a few hundred mile check the spark plugs and the were really white. then i did the air box mod that i seen on and rejetted and it made a big difference even picked the milage up from 43 to 49 and 50. i didn't buy a jet kit only got the jets they were about 4 bucks each. i put .120 in the front and .1175 in the rear and back the pms screws out 2 and 3/4 turn. they were only back out about 1/2 turn from factory. now my pulgs have just a slight brown tint to them


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