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  1. mago

    Hi everyone,i am thinking about getting pipes for xmas,i really like the 2 in 1 style.looking at the cobras. Does anyone out there have the cobra power pro if so how do they sound, was also wondering what the diffrence is between the power pro, and the power pro hp?

  2. auwing1642

    I recently bought by 04 V Star 1100. The PR bought Cobra 2-1 HP but did not like it.."too loud." He put back on the stock exhaust and gave me the Cobra when I bought the bike. The stock exhaust made it sound like I was driving a Singer sewing machine. I recently put on the Sounds great and looks great. Not too loud...but Loud and Proud for sure. i like it. Throaty. I don't know the difference between the more expensive HP and the other Cobra 2 -1.

  3. auwing1642

    Check this video is already posted by someone here............Cobra 2-1 HP on a 950........!

  4. mago

    Thanks auwing 1978 for posting the video that pretty much made up my mind.

  5. ciwilkuj

    wow, that slip-on almost sounds like my hard krome 3" big straights!

    what a deal, great sound from a slip-on which is much cheaper than a full exhaust - and the 2 into 1 makes more power to boot!

  6. seattlerob72

    I believe the Cobra 2 into 1 exhausts are full exhausts, not a slip-on (cobra does make a slip-on though)

  7. TheGoltj

    The Cobra 2-1 HP is, in fact, a full exhaust.

  8. ciwilkuj

    sorry, my mistake.

    regardless - 2 into 1 still makes better power than 2 into 2, unless you get really radical with engine mods and have the ignition/fuel management systems to custom tailor fuel curves and ignition curves for each cylinder.... it gets real tedious.

    We installed a custom fuel/ignition system with data acquision (directly from NASCAR - ie Pi Research) for our racing jetskis back in 2005. learning computer, with fully adjustable maps for ignition, fuel, boost and knock sensors etc.. what a pain, especially considering it was a 4cyl turbo engine which is constantly loading and unloading as it jumps around in the water.

    sorry for the rant - sometimes i can't stop!.

  9. Tuttle3

    regardless - 2 into 1 still makes better power than...

    What's your supporting theory behind this?

  10. ciwilkuj

    2 into 1 usually has more back pressure than dedicated twins. When you restrict gas outflow you increase low end torque. Most riding is done in the low to mid range where the increased torque is from the 2 into 1 pipe (not WOT like a dragster). The exhaust velocity also remains at a higher speed which helps the combustion cycle on a mostly stock engine, increasing acceleration.

    If you have a twin pipe setup with a crossover port such as cobra pipes it helps things out.

    So, unless you have the means of significantly increasing the amount of air/fuel and changing the ignition/fuel maps to use that power, the 2 into 1 is usually the winner.

    That being said, I like the look of twin pipes and installed them on my 950 - regardless of the power they make. If I was concerned about power I wouldn't have bought a 950cc cruiser.

  11. seattlerob72

    This may be a generalization that may not apply to every case, but it's my understanding that 2 into 1 makes better torque and 2 into 2 makes better horsepower. As ciwilkuj mentioned, max torque is developed at lower/mid RPMs and max HP is obtained at the high end of RPMs.

  12. mago

    I have to say that you guys are outstanding,all i wanted to know is how they sounded and what the diffrence was between the two of them,I had no idea that 2 into 1 would produce more hp, just goes to show that your never to old to learn. I love this forum there is so much that a person can learn from all of you. Everyone be safe and have a happy thanksgiving.


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