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  1. Jon632

    Well I took the bike to work today (35 miles each way, all freeway) and I have tons of power, sound is great, pull is pretty awesome. Only one issue. I've noticed when I hold the speed steady at 70-80 I get a sputtering. I hold it at around half throttle. I thought it was wind gusts but once the wind died down the sputtering didn't. It felt like I was on and off the throttle when I was holding it steady. Could this be because the carbs are out of sync? btw, I haven't synced the carbs yet. Or could it be something else?

  2. Fulldild1

    What do your plugs look like? What is your altitude? If you roll on throttle from that point what happens? Did you Bench sync and or vacuum sync?

  3. ThescalpF

    LOL....sorry man. From now on I'll only ask questions with...


  4. Jon632

    What do your plugs look like? What is your...

    Haven't pulled the plugs. I will have to do a more thorough test run this weekend. It's hard to do to and from work as there's almost nowhere to pull over without getting hounded by CHP. I'm pretty much at sea level, when I roll on the throttle at that point it pulls fine, I haven't synced at all yet. I'm hoping to do that this weekend or when I get a chance this week

  5. Jon632

    Well I vacuum syncd the carbs. It was a bit off but I got it even. Went for a ride and was still having the same problem. I don't really notice it at lower mph's, mostly 70+ for some reason. The best way I can describe it is being hit with wind gusts every now and then. But today I rode with a half helm and the wind was steady while riding. I noticed if I avoid being at 1/2 to 3/4 throttle, I don't have the I either slow down or speed up lol

    Anyone have any ideas?

  6. quicgmicg

    Zip tie your draft tube to the frame. (The hose on the right side that comes off the carbs and goes nowhere) That little hose causes all sorts of strange problems like that. I bet that solves your problem.

    By the's best to zip tie it facing forward....not sure why....but I've heard it is...I did it and have had no more problems.

  7. Jon632

    Zip tie your draft tube to the frame. (The hose...

    Hmmmm....that sounds crazy enough to work! I'll try it and let you know if it helps tomorrow

  8. quicgmicg

    Please do...and synch those carbs....thats not helping either..

  9. Jon632

    Problem FIXED!! The wonders of good advice and a zip tie....thanks Mick!

  10. Fulldild1

    Came across this as an alternate to rerouting and zip tying.

  11. quicgmicg

    Problem FIXED!! The wonders of good advice and a...

    Gotta love those easy ones.....



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