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Cobra Dragsters + Rejet + PODS = OMFG!

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  1. Jon632

    I may be speaking too soon cause I haven't actually road tested yet but I started the bike up today and my jaw dropped to the floor! These pipes are loud compared to my drilled out stock pipes. My wife said I'm going to have to walk the bike down the street when I leave and come back so I won't wake the kid. With me and my neighbor and his muscle cars, we're gonna have some angry people around my neighborhood lol

    I'm hoping everything is set so I don't have to fine tune but I'm still thinking I'm going to have to sync the carbs. I'll keep you guys updated when I go for a ride tomorrow

    Oh and here's the list of goodies:
    Cobra Dragsters
    22.5 pilots/ 150.0 mains
    2 shimms per needle
    PMS turned out 3.00
    2x K&N RU-0600 PODS

  2. tunc

    a carb sync would be the way to go

  3. KenT

    I'll be interested to hear how you like your new setup. I've got a pair of Cobra Lo-Boy Shotgun pipes to be installed, waiting on a backordered Predator Pro kit. Just hoping I'll be able to get in and out of the neighborhood without shaking up the neighbors too much

  4. quicgmicg

    I'm hoping everything is set so I don't have to...

    I agree with tunc..........If you had the carbs apart, they need to be synched. It's a simple job if you follow the instructions and work slow. 10 minutes and you'll be set. But it has to be done.

    Also, a tip from neighbor experience.....if you stay very light handed on the throttle you can keep the bike quieter. I never had a complaint even when I had my Thugstar on....

    Looking forward to hearing your results......

  5. stevelittle

    Do what Mick says, sync the carbs , it makes a big difference. I used 2 3/32 drill bits and it worked like a charm.

  6. quicgmicg

    Steve...thats a "bench synch". To do a more accurate job, they need to also be vacuum synched. There is a synch vacuum port on the intake to each cylinder...hook one of THESE to it to get it dialed in right where it should be.

    The synch adjustment screw is the one on the bottom between the carbs (have a 7mm combination wrench handy because it's hard to get a screwdriver in there). When vacuum synching, just turn the screw slowly clockwise about a 1/16th of a turn to lower the oil for the rear cylinder (or counter-clockwise for the front), wait a few seconds to see what happens on the manometer...then continue turning the needed direction in small increments until you get a perfect balance. In depth info HERE

    From the KB
    "Bench-top Synching: (Tim's approach, words by Cruzmystar)

    With the carbs out of the bike hold them up to a light and look down the throats. Take a sewing needle or something of that sort and bring the idle screw down until the needle will barely slide underneath one butterfly (try and remember how many times you turn it so you can get it back to where it was when you're done). Then take the needle out and check the other butterfly. Adjust the synch screw to get both butterfly's where they are even. This will get you very close to synched. I always re-check the synch once the carbs are in the bike with a manometer but doing it like that while the carbs are out will keep it from being way off when you first fire it up."

    FYI......vacuum synching sounds way more complicated than it really is.

    More DIY Manometer info HERE

    ...and preferred method using 2 bottles.

  7. stevelittle

    True Mick i have only bench synched them for now.I tried the diy sync tool and didn't work out to good for me,could have just been a bad day.Think i will try the 2 vacuum gauge method since i already have 2 of them. I have found all the different ports you are talking about , thanks to you and the KB. just haven't had time to do the vacuum sync ,probably will do it to night.

  8. ThescalpF

    Steve...thats a "bench synch". To do a more accurate job,...

    I disagree, the bech sync is the way to go. Then you have a benchMarg to begin with. The manometer can find other problems, valves needing adjustment, vac leak, etc.........., but only if the the carbs are in sync to begin with.

  9. stevelittle

    Just got thru with the doing the sync with vacuum gauges, was just about dead on, decided to leave them alone. Tim B's way works good.

  10. quicgmicg

    I disagree, the bech sync is the way to go....

    So're not doing a vacuum synch after a bench synch? The times I've done it, it always seemed like it needed a little tweaking. Maybe I'm not doing it right on the bench or maybe I need new glasses!

  11. quicgmicg


  12. Fulldild1

    Maybe your glasses should be taller, maybe 20oz.

  13. quicgmicg

    Maybe your glasses should be taller, maybe 20oz....

    LOL...or 36?

  14. Fulldild1

    LOL maybe I drink like a kitty, but it would probably get warm before I got to the bottom of that. Half a 40 works for me.

  15. quicgmicg

    I'm thinking it was water.....LOL

  16. Fulldild1

    You can buy water in 12oz servings, how convenient. LOL

  17. quicgmicg

    LOL... it IS.... and it comes right out of the tap too! Amazing huh?

  18. Fulldild1

    It is after all a life giving elixir!

  19. ThescalpF

    So're not doing a vacuum synch after a bench...

    I check with the manometer after installing the carbs & if they are not real close, then you've found another problem, could be a valve needs adjusting, could be a vacuum leak, depends on what the manometer is doing. Quit making my type these long posts.

  20. quicgmicg

    LOL....sorry man. From now on I'll only ask questions with one or two word answers....I should know better by now...huh?


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