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cobra baffle

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  1. oldrex76

    Want to wrap the baffle in Crobra slip-on muffler, can't get the baffle out. Ideas please. Thanks , oldrex76

  2. quicgmicg

    Some baffles can't be removed. Which slip ons do you have?

  3. oldrex76

    Ihave the Cobra slip-on, they are removeable.

  4. yhoower

    oldrex76, has the slip-on been on the bike for awhile?

  5. oldrex76

    Only about two hundfed miles.

  6. yhoower

    Stick a broom handle down the center and work it around for a bit see it it won't come loose for ya. Use the broom handle again when you put it back in, it helps to line the baffle up. BTW, take the slip-on off it's a lot easier that way.

  7. -Ranger-507

    I couldn't get mine apart either. I removed the tip and messed with the baffle for 20 minutes. Finally gave up and returned the packing to Cycle Gear. The slip-on has been on my bike for several thousand miles though. Maybe I didn't whack it with a stick hard enough.

  8. moyoproz

    I had mine on for 6 months and tried to get it out with no luck. Even took it off and banged it on the wood 2x6 with no luck. Bought a new one, came right out and sold the used one on Ebay and only lost 50 bucks. Makes a huge sound difference.

  9. SkdMige

    Ok here's the remedy, once you get the baffle out drill a ¼" hole at the outer end of the baffle, insert a rod and have it welded, that will give you a contact point when you insert a cut off broom handle, tap the handle hard enough to loosen the baffle and drive it out. The Rush muffler has a rod like that's from the manufacturer.


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