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Clutch Wear Indicator

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  1. usshooter

    Hope someone can help me with this.
    Where the clutch cable goes into the motor case, there is an alignment Marg for clutch adjustment/wear.
    My clutch sits about 1/4" behind that Marg.
    Do I need a new clutch?
    Do I need to adjust the push rod?
    I've noticed that when I accelerate briskly the motor sounds like it kicks into overdrive then gradually speeds up. Is that a sign of a worn clutch?
    An added note: There is 47,000 miles on this clutch.

  2. TEnkle

  3. EMT4417

    You probably need to replace the clutch springs only....

    I agree

    and on a side note TEnkle I noticed that you are from Indiana. A couple of Indiana guys are hoping to get together sometime this spring and go on a ride. Would be cool if you would want to go too...

  4. MigejCojode

    If it's slipping and past the wear indicators then I would definitely replace the clutch disks as well as the springs.

  5. recumpendpop

    At 47,000 miles I would replace both the clutch discs and springs with Barnett discs and springs.

  6. tunc

    if you do have to go the new plates /springs dont forget to try SSCC
    send him a pm
    hes a member/vendor on here

  7. WLS460

    With 47k on the clock and if the clutch hasn't been changed. Also from what you discribed, I would be shopping for a new clutch.

    Barnett makes a very nice clutch for your bike. When I had my 650 that's what I put in and was very pleased with the results.

    Happy Holidays!

  8. usshooter

    Thanks everyone for your help. Guess I'll go ahead and order plates and springs.

  9. villrocgv

    If it's slipping and past the wear indicators then I...

    I am unaware of the wear indicators for the clutch. What should I be looking for?
    Thanks and Happy New Year:


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