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clutch slip

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  1. tunc

    anyone out there might know the cause of clutch slip when accelerating seems to be the only time it does this
    its on a 99 yam 1100 bout 35000 km (22000 miles )

    thinks there is some type of pressure plate with 6 fingers
    like in a maual clutch car
    when you pull the cover off and these might have lost tension
    are we goin on the right track here
    hes changed the oil recently so is gunna check that as to type but had no other probs with this on previous bikes using this oil

    any help

  2. bkman

    The only reasons I can muster are:

    Sitcking / mis-adjusted cable

    Using oil that is not compatible with wet clutches (including additives)

    weak / failing clutch springs

    your clutch is worn out (with 22000 miles, this might actually be possible)

    Sorry if this over-states the obvious, but I can't think of any other reasons for clutch slippage. I had a bike that used to slip only when the motor was real hot. That turned out to be just clutch springs. I fixed it for about $35 (US) with a new set of springs.

  3. tunc

    its not my bike but ill pass it on ta bkman


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