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  1. Bulltok

    Hi LiddleBen that is Sybertown viewed from the top of Easy Brady hill up along the Allegheny River. East Brady is just east of Butler PA.

  2. zhinjziteub

    Did mine for right around $300 and a few hours...
    so what were all the parts you needed and about how many hours of labor. im very inclined when it comes to this bike. ive jetted it, change my own oil, adjust the valves, and everything else its needed in about 36,500 miles. only problem is, my starter clutch just went out and left me stranded. im assuming its gonna need some gaskets for the engine cover. i hear i need a specialty tool to get the electrics off, unless i can make-shift something in the form of a belt or something to hold the shaft while i remove the nut for the electrics. any info would be great



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