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Close to buying a RS Silverado S; help

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  1. Hudzon

    Hello to all,

    I'm new to the Yamaha/Star world; been on Honda/Kawasaki; My Kawa 1500 Classic is high miles and want to move up to a true touring bike. I have my eye on a good buy on a '09 RS Silverado S at a large dealership in N.C. I have never seen one of these in person, but have good digital pixs of this model for sale. My concern is after a bit of showroom looking at newer metrics, I see much less metal/chrome and more "plastic". Honda started this in 04 w/ their VTX line and really lost my respect. Kawasaki held forth with good metal where one would expect and great quality of workmanship. Now even their Nomad is gone "plastic". Recent showroom inspection of the V Star 1300 confirms my concern not to mention multiple complaints about windshield buffet and major issue of front fork "clunk". It appears this bike lacked major engineering QA?

    My pixs of the RS Silveado S show what "appears" to be a nice stock set up, but would love your input on this matter of quality of construction before I make a 300 mile trip to inspect and purchase. Any other input ref this model would be welcome as I truly like the lines of this bike and have found a new one at about 3000 less than MRSP.

    Looked at HD's today and could buy a nice car for those prices!

    thanks in advance,


  2. Jonezpoj

    You won't find many Roadie riders that don't like them and as far as I know their still made out of metal, fenders, control housings ect. If you ride two up much I'd look a the Roadliner for touring choice in a cruiser....

  3. kamezbanger

    I don't really consider a Road Star to be a true touring bike...neither is the Stratoliner....look at a Venture if you are looking for a true touring bike.

    That said there is not a lot of plastic in a Road Star and it is a good bike.

  4. yajare

    I don't really consider a Road Star to be a true touring bike...neither is the Stratoliner....look at a Venture if you are looking for a true touring bike.That said there is not a lot of plastic in a Road Star and it is a good bike.
    I don't know about that. I have 75,000K (~47,000 miles) on my 06, mainly two up riding and mainly long distance riding.
    I live in Southwestern Ontario, Canada and have rode my R* 2 up to Colorado, Sturgis in 06, to Tennesse in 07, Arkansas then later Arizona in 08, then this year we travelled to Arizona via Utah this year.
    I do not trailer! So for me the R* is a great touring bike.
    Ride safe!

  5. Merlin595

    The Road Star is an excellent bike in my opinion with Yamaha's (typical) high quality fit and finish. As far as the "plastic", well, many of the new bikes contain a lot of plastic but in some ways it's not a bad thing. Realistically, ANY bike can be a touring bike if you equip it well and you are comfortable on it. The Road Star has a classic style and great conventional looks, not to mention it's mechanically sound (generally) and dead reliable. Some of the older 1600's had gear problems but I think most or all were recalled and repaired at the dealers. The Road Star is a solid cruising bike and I suppose you could tour on it if you wanted to, but if you really want something more designed for the long haul, you may want to look at the Royal Star Tour Deluxe or the Venture. They are much larger, run a V-4 motor, and come equipped with front and rear air suspension.

    Good Luck!

  6. Hudzon

    I guess I should have not said "true touring bike" as I meant larger cruiser for commuting to work. I drive 50 miles RT whenever weather permits and much of it is on great country roads. I don't do long distance "touring" as my wife does not care for riding.

    I have found a dealership in Charlotte, NC that allows test rides and has both "new" 08's and 09's for sale at good prices. My dealership here in Va. will not allow test rides for various "reasons" even after having bought 3 bikes from them in the past. As a result, I'm headed down to N.C. over the holidays to hopefully finalize a 09 Roadstar Silverado S purchase.

    After being on liquid cooled bikes for so long, I had considered the 1300 but the more I read on this forum, it appears most owners find themselves having to modify the engineering of the bike to avoid various issues. I've been through that "drill" before with a Honda VTX1300 (handle bars, wind buffet). Modifying trim is one thing, but suspension, bars, and aerodynamics is a bit of a reach for me.

    Thanks again for all the advice and I'll let you know when I make the purchase. I've been saving $ so it may be my own Christmas present to myself!

  7. Jonezpoj

    My wife doesn't care to ride either, so set mine up for solo. Stick with the Road Star.......

  8. SvambSdar

    I own a 06 RS Silverado. Wouldn't trade it for anything else. All the guys I ride with own Harley's. So I see alot of other bikes. Had many chances to trade my bike for another, still riding the RS. You won't be sorry.


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