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cleaning hypercharger K @ N FILTER

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  1. poppj

    Any tips for cleaning k (at) N you remove the small bolts above and below the butterflies too....i tried my small metric allen wrenches and none fit the small bolts.....they are very small.....thanks bob

  2. MigejCojode

    No the small bolts are ASI (standard) loosen the one nearest the engine a few turns and then take the 2 that are farther out all the way out. Then you can split the case and the filter will just fall out. If you take the trap door (4 small bolts on the front) off first then the filter will be easier to line up when you put it back together.

    Make sure you use the K&N recharging kit.

    3 things about cleaning the filter:

    Leave the cleaning fluid on 10 minutes, too short and you will be cleaning again, too long and it may dry so you will be cleaning it again.

    Let the filter dry completely, even damp the oil will not soak in properly.

    Use the correct amount of oil (as per the instructions), too little and the filter won't flow properly, too much and it will drip out the hypercharger for months (experience speaking here)

  3. poppj

    thanks mikey.....very helpful......bob


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