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Cleaning brake fluid window on MC

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  1. dikremjcad

    I have a thick "waxy" film covering the window on my master cylinder brake fluid indicator.
    It's awfully thick, I've put a little CLR on it (not sure if that was a good idea but it didn't do it anyway) and it made the crud sort of wet and I was able to see the indicator underneath, but scraping it is like a white waxy film. I have no idea what this is. Can someone throw out some ideas for cleaning it? I really want to avoid removing the cylinder if I can because of the work involved with refilling with fresh fluid and bleeding etc. (I am not sure what kind is in there now) I just wanna make sure it looks clean and full.)

  2. VTvinChic

    Try a degreaser?
    And considering the age and too many unknowns with a used bike purchase, I would really encourage you to change the brake fluid anyway. I'd say your bike would take either DOT 3 or 4 (I think 4 is cross-compatible anyway).
    Brake fluid is one of those liquids that is often ignored on bikes, but it does break down and should be replaced every two years. Just be really careful not to get it on paint - thay stuff will ruin a paint job faster than a jumping jelly bean. I know you can do this - you've already proven that you have gone from zero knowledge to doing regular maintenance. Keep up the great work!

  3. zbungj

    if it's gunked up the window it's probably bad too ... I use a turkey baster and suck some out regularly and top off ... I never do a complete change .... just every month or so just suck a little off and top it back off

  4. dikremjcad

    Thank you it's a good idea then to go ahead and change it.

  5. quicgmicg

    Brakleen..... the magic cleaner! That'll clean the master cylinder up on the outside and should help dissolve the crud on the window. Just be careful with it around any plastic pieces....test to make sure it's compatible.


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