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Classic to Stratoliner

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  • Posted by VALDAVIES82
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    Hey everyone:

    Got a question for you all. I purchased a 650 Classic a couple of months ago. I have about 2000 safe miles on now. I am new to riding, but am loving every moment of it. Always new I belonged on a bike. I ride almost everyday. I ride in town to and from work and school, and all local errands. At least once a month I make a 500 mile round trip to visit my daughter in college and this will happen 8 months out of the year. I love my bike however, not great for 70mph on interstate, to light and just not that comfortable, I realize there are many mods, I can do to improve it for comfort, but I am seriously thinking about the Stratoliner. I love everything I have seen and read about the bike. Am I to new at riding to consider a bike this size, Am taking the safety course in two weeks. I ride with a experienced rider reguarly and really feel like I am doing well, Have the Ride like a pro Video and practice maneuvers in there at least weekly....Opionions please, and dont hold back....value this groups advice...

  2. ylzhooder

    You are obviously not an 18 year old kid that would go nuts on a 1900cc bike. You sound like you have your head screwed on in the proper direction. I would say, wait till after your safety course. If you still want to after that, why not.

  3. girgnt1zbt

    Take the course first imo. Then go sit on one at a dealer, look it over good, and if you still like it and want it, get it. I dont think youre too new to get a bike that size.

  4. wforider62

    You sound like you have the basics down pretty well. Now if you were going to a big sport bike I would say no.
    I would say maybe if you are let's say a small man in stature .that would because of the new weight difference you will be feeling.the bike is very well balanced and you will just love might Keep on riding at your daughters exit ramp, the Strat is that nice.
    Welcome to a great sport and pastime.

    Enjoy .



    Ya, definetely not 18 anymore, lol....felt that after the last 4 1/2hr ride....I am 5'10" 165lbs.....have been to the dealership locally and the sales guy tried talking me out of it....said it was to much weight and to much bike for someone just starting out...should wait till I have been riding longer.....I tend to be more cautious than risk taker, so was worried I was just moving to quick....just know I will be doing lots of 1/2 day to full day rides at the min...

  6. wforider62

    does your shop offer test rides??

  7. RockRiverPowerSports88

    I'd say it sounds like you've got a realistic approach to the upgrade. By all means take the course & practice practice practice what you learn on the 650. I'd say give your skills time to solidify for the summer & when you're ready to make the change go for it. There is no better teacher than the MSF course coupled with another couple thousand miles. My wife did it that way and she now rides a Roadstar & is a very good rider for the experience.

    The Strat is a much bigger & heavier bike but the center of balance is very low for that big a bike & is surprisingly easy to move around for it's size. Not as easy as the 650, but MUCH easier than you'd think for the scale of it. The aluminum frame has a LOT to do with that & only the 1900s have that in a street bike from Yamaha. You're physically fine for a 'Liner, shouldn't have any issues at all.

    Find a dealer near Winston-Salem and ask who does test rides for a Roadliner or Stratoliner. Not all dealers are insured for test rides.

    Ride safe!
    - Jeff


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